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Propper Modular EDC Pack Giveaway

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Propper Modular EDC Pack Giveaway

Your EDC is unique, so your bag should be customizable to meet your needs. We've got the gear to help, and we're giving it away for free! This week, we're hooking up one lucky reader with a modular EDC pack and pouch combo brought to you by our sponsor, Propper. They've been making tactical apparel and bags for almost 50 years, clothing and gearing up military, law enforcement, and civilians alike. They started the business in 1967 with a U.S. Navy contract manufacturing caps, and they've since built a reputation for quality manufacturing through to this day.

The Prizes Up for Grabs

  • Propper U.C. Pack: Propper's flagship backpack is inspired by the Marine Corps assault backpack. With a rugged 1000D Cordura nylon exterior wrapped in MOLLE webbing, the U.C. (user configurable) lives up to its name. It has a spacious 20" x 13" x 6.5" main compartment lined with soft-touch loop to accommodate in all your gear, additional Propper modules, and then some. ($109.99)
  • Propper U.C. 2 Pack Assault Kit: Filled up the U.C. pack but still need room for more gear? Attach one or both of these Assault Kit pouches to the U.C.'s MOLLE webbing for some extra organization. The large pack even has extra compartments to fit your keys, pens, and other small items in a zippered mesh pocket. ($49.99)
  • Propper Reversible Pouch: Need a more versatile module that can attach to both the U.C. Pack's interior and exterior? Use one of these reversible pouches, with MOLLE attachments on one side and a hook-and-loop system on the other, letting your secure them to the padded loop section inside the pack. ($17.99 each)
  • Propper 4X10 Sleek Window Pouch: Put your dopp kit essentials in the Window Pouch, a low-profile container made from durable and chemical-resistant polyester. A vinyl exterior lets you see into its contents, and its hook-and-loop system lets you fasten it to the U.C. pack's interior as you see fit. ($9.99)

Total Prize Package Value: $206*

With this prize package, you'll get to experience Propper's flagship modular backpack system: a customizable backpack inspired by the Marine Corps, MOLLE-compatible pouches, and a sleek window pouch that works great as a dopp kit. You can build your ideal EDC bag with all this gear, loading up or paring down as needed for your next excursion.

*But if you're dead set on getting this for your EDC, you can save 25% off all Propper bags and pouches at their online shop right now with promo code BAGIT16 at checkout.

How to Enter

We're running the giveaway on Instagram for a week, until 12:00pm EDT on Friday, August 12. You'll find the full details and entry requirements on our contest photo by clicking the button below. 

If you're not on Instagram, making a profile is free and easy — plus you get to see more gear from your favorite EDC brands on the platform. Good luck everyone, and carry on!

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This contest is sponsored by Propper.

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Nice try Instagram,but no
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Instagram? No thanks.
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I'd rather take a swift kick to the testicles than sign up for Instagram ( or facebook )
Bernard Brown ·
Might want to have your legal counsel review contest rules here...just saying.
Nagiom ·
Another worthless marketing ploy disguised as a giveaway. How about just doing a real giveaway and act like you actually appreciate your readers.
TDG Nick ·
It's a great bag, it's free, they're giving it away. How is that not a real giveaway? But don't enter - better odds for me!
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I'd love to enter but not using instagram or facebook.
Instagram?? Not I.
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Good luck to you Instagram folks.
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No way instascam!!!
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Instagram, maybe my wife will enter for me
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Entered. The anti Instagram and Facebook folks only increase my chances of winning. Send the unsolicited emails my way along with a free Propper UC Pack and Assault Kit.
Anibal Perez ·
Right! I may actually have a chance at winning for once!
West Moto ·
"Arrrrggh your instaspaces and facegrams frighten and annoy me!" lol....just don't enter, why carp about it?
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