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Victor Manuel Lopez
Mechanic (age 22)
Kennewick, Washington
This get's me through the day. I may or may not ditch certain items but some are just indispensable and will for sure feel naked without them.

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Stan Jones ·
Urban trapper, heck yes! How do you like it? It's definitely my next modern folder purchase.
Victor Manuel Lopez ·
I've had it for about six months now and haven't abused it at all, I use it for really light stuff. You'll appreciate the materials and the blade centering, it literally sits evenly between the frame. In my opinion, the most important factor is how lightweight it is, you'll forget it's there.
craig b ·
Love that watch
Victor Manuel Lopez ·
Tells me everything i need to know! I wanted to get the negative display model from Japan but steered away when I read reviews commenting on how difficult it was to see the display sometimes.
craig b ·
I have the non-solar version of yours and I love it. Has no unnecessary functions.