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Pocket Samurai

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There are tons of options to choose from for knives, but really, the best one is the one you have on you at all times. This makes compact blades that have carry-friendly features like a clip or lanyard hole ideal for everyday carry. The Pocket Samurai from StatGear out of Brooklyn takes the popular higonokami style of Japanese knife and adds some much-needed features that make it a great daily slicer.

For starters, it replaces the friction folding action of the standard higonokami design with a thumbstud and integrated framelock built into its lightweight grade 5 titanium handles, letting you actually lock the knife. You can deal with everyday cutting and piercing tasks thanks to its 2-inch tanto edge made from high-carbon 440C stainless steel.

And unlike a traditional higo, the Pocket Samurai features both a pocket/money clip and keyring loop to make it much easier to carry. With its 2.66-inch closed length and weighing under an ounce, it can live right on your keychain.

The Pocket Samurai has already met its crowdfunding goal, and there's still time to back one for yourself at the Indiegogo link below.

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Robert Razavi ·
I ordered one grey and one black. Received them this week.

They are very well made, materials, fit, finish, tolerances, everything is top notch. Awesome little knives, for your keychain or carabiner style on your backpack.

Beware, they are smaller than the picture lets you imagine in your mind. About long as a finger. It's really for a keychain!
Pickles ·
This looks pretty neat.
J.S. Leonard ·
Just ordered mine. We shall see....
Robert Razavi ·
And, what do you think?
J.S. Leonard ·
Got my StatGear Pocket Samurai EDC Titanium Keychain Knife today. F&F is so so but for a $33 keychain knife it's pretty great. 440 stainless blade is shaving sharp. It is my new mail/box opener. I completely agree the size is much smaller than you think.
Robert Razavi ·
I thought the fit and finish was spot on, to be honest. I've seen way crappier stuff for $30 or so... Was there something in particular that disappointed you?