Paired with Raw Denim

Maker (age 34)
Coeur d Alene, Idaho

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Hello Chad. I backed the TT Pockettools EDC Pen in Kickstarter, and Todd just started shipping the brass pens yesterday. Just out of curiosity, is your Pen a prototype?
Hi Martin,

Yes Todd and I have been supporting eachother in this way for some time. I've sent him leather goods, and he's sent me prototypes and other fine pieces.
Very elegant and functional edc. What knot do you use for the lanyard on the Squid? I daily carry one but would like to add a lanyard.
Thanks Ivan. I'm using just a simple tie knot where only one end of the cord is being used to tie around the other cord. Then I repeat but with the other cord near the end. Kinda hard to explain, but hopefully you understand.
Where did you get the scales on the squid I cant find them.
Where'd you get the ALRD knuck?