Act 2: Fossilized

Bartender (age 26)
Lafayette, LA
Made a few changes to accommodate my new job and to comfortably fit in my pockets whilst at work.

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Very nice setup. Which CRKT Fossil is that, and how is it working for you? 5460 or 5470?
Either way, nice EDC.
Hey Dean, thanks for the kind words brother!

It's the CRKT Fossil 5470 and it's stellar. Not only does it have a smooth, rapid blade release, but there's no play in the blade thus far and it holds a hell of an edge. The only con would be the weight of it; I would prefer the 5460 because it's less hefty; but since I found this tucked off at a local thrift store for $12, beggars can't be choosers! 😁
Thanks for the response, Chase.
I just received the 5460 today and I see what you mean by how smooth the "action" is. I'm looking forward to it having a lot of EDC use. Plus, I got it for my birthday!!
Indeed! The bearing system really makes a world of difference with the Fossil. Can't beat an EDC knife as a gift, and happy belated birthday bud!