Act 2: Fossilized

Chase Fontenot
Bartender (age 26)
Lafayette, LA
Made a few changes to accommodate my new job and to comfortably fit in my pockets whilst at work.

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dwhite ·
Very nice setup. Which CRKT Fossil is that, and how is it working for you? 5460 or 5470?
Either way, nice EDC.
Chase Fontenot ·
Hey Dean, thanks for the kind words brother!

It's the CRKT Fossil 5470 and it's stellar. Not only does it have a smooth, rapid blade release, but there's no play in the blade thus far and it holds a hell of an edge. The only con would be the weight of it; I would prefer the 5460 because it's less hefty; but since I found this tucked off at a local thrift store for $12, beggars can't be choosers! 😁
dwhite ·
Thanks for the response, Chase.
I just received the 5460 today and I see what you mean by how smooth the "action" is. I'm looking forward to it having a lot of EDC use. Plus, I got it for my birthday!!
Chase Fontenot ·
Indeed! The bearing system really makes a world of difference with the Fossil. Can't beat an EDC knife as a gift, and happy belated birthday bud!