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Gerber Center-Drive

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Gerber Center-Drive

Ounce for ounce, nothing comes close to packing the most utility into your everyday carry as multi-tools do. But for tough tasks, using their smaller tools doesn't always feel as effortless as getting the job done with their full-sized counterparts. That's why Gerber put ergonomics at the forefront of their new Center-Drive multi-tool. Its primary tools were designed for full-sized performance where it counts—real world use—in a portable, EDC-ready package.

The Center-Drive's namesake feature is the large, curved arm on its bit driver. At 3.25” long, this locking arm positions the bit on the center axis of the tool and gives you more room to work with, which makes using it feel more like a dedicated screwdriver. And because you don't need to fully open the tool to center the driver, you can get a more controlled grip on the tool in its wider, closed position. With traditional multi-tool designs, they can feel lopsided and difficult to turn or even uncomfortable to grip when partially unfolded. The Center Drive also uses standard bits, letting you easily swap in or replace ones you might already have in your EDC.

Despite its name, Gerber didn't stop refining the Center-Drive at the bit driver. They've added practical design tweaks to the pliers and knife as well. You can slide out its set of spring-loaded pliers with just the push of your thumb for instant access. Its blade even measures in larger than many pocket-sized multi-tools at 3.25” long. A selection of sturdy tools, like a pry bar with an integrated nail puller, a bottle opener, awl, and file round out the set.

The Center-Drive is available with options for additional bits and a MOLLE-compatible sheath for easy carrying at the link below.


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Paul Tobeck ·
It's too bad that even after years of opportunity to refine their design, Gerber multi-tools are still hand-pinching SOB's.
The link goes straight to 404...
Center-drive.com seems to be the answer...replying to my own post - how sad that is lol