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Trayvax "Stealth Black" Element Wallet

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Trayvax "Stealth Black" Element Wallet

Handcrafted, leather, and metal. A powerful combination that—when done right—results in quality products that can last a lifetime. For a wallet, that's pretty important, since you probably use yours all the time. Trayvax have been making quality wallets (that a lot of our readers were excited about) since their crowdfunding days, but now they're back making one of their best wallets even better.

The best features from the original Element are here to stay, of course. That includes top-grain oil-tanned leather, type II mil-spec paracord, and a raw tumbled stainless steel, assembled and handcrafted in the USA. You can fit 3-10 cards and 1-5 bills in the wallet, and carry it well thanks to its compact profile and sturdy lanyard attachment point.

The new Stealth Black Element wallet takes on the same silhouette as the original design, but improves on it in every way. For starters, it's lighter, thanks to its new single-plate construction. This design allows for a new, enhanced money clip and an easier-to-use bottle opener. The "Black Edition" Elements also feature a new melonite finish for increased durability. Best of all, you get a lifetime warranty with the Element, so if somehow you manage to break yours, Trayvax will stand behind their product.

It may look discreet and minimal, but the the Stealth Black Element means business with its build quality. Available now direct from Trayvax at the link below.

Buy ($84.99)

This is a sponsored post presented by Trayvax.

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Mohammed M ·
Does anyone know who makes the key loop
Matthew Nixon ·
who makes the flashlight?
Larry S ·
I really liked my Trayvax wallet, but found that it damaged the chip on my new credit/debit cards. I thought it was a fluke so I replaced the two credit/debit cards and the chip on the new ones were damaged as well. I hated switch wallets, but I've switched and have no problems with the chip on my cards.
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