Metro Detroit Essentials

C'mon this is Metro Detroit. I've gone from a large Timbuk2 Messenger bag as a daily to a medium Mission Workshop bag.

Since I'm not really relying on carrying clothes or food with me I needed a small bag that at the very least carries my phone, wallet, keys with minimal bulk. The Chrome Kadet perfectly addesses this. It's not huge and at 9L it can be so much more.

On a bike it's secure with the cross strap. If I need to go hiking or need to carry a change of clothes then i'll take a backpack. If i'll be bike commuting into unknown territory then i'll pick up a tool roll.

Perfect as my ever shrinking EDC needs as a father to two young boys sheds diapers and wipes.

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Like you I'm staying warm in the 248, but love driving M22 in the summer!