New Year. Same Stuff.

Matt F
Oklahoma City, OK

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J.S. Leonard ·
Hey Farva, what's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks? 😁
Matt F ·
Wait, are you talking about Shenanigans?
J.S. Leonard ·
Seriously though, nice setup. I too carry a leather pocket sheath ( Lima Lincoln Concepts) set up for a Schon or Hinderer Investigater pen and folder. The Cadet is a no-brainer, I no longer carry a multitool on me (rides in my GORUCK Rucker) because honestly the Cadet fits the bill for most task daily. I see you repurposed the brass plumbing hardware for lanyard duty as I have . The small wedding bands (fitting washers) also make small light fob/lanyard beads as well. I'm rambling now. Nice setup.