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Bellroy Notebook Cover

Ed Jelley
Bellroy Notebook Cover

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Ever find that your pocket notebook gets torn to shreds before you can even fill it up? It happens more than it should, but the solution is pretty simple. Consider slipping your notebook into a leather cover, like this one from Bellroy. In addition to protecting a passport or pocket notebook, the cover also features card slots to replace your wallet for an even slimmer pocket carry.

The Notebook Cover is as slim as they come, yet full of thoughtful storage slots. In addition to your preferred 3.5” x 5.5” notebook, the Bellroy Notebook Cover has room for your daily essentials. Two card slots can hold 4-6 of your most-used cards or some folded up cash, allowing you to leave your wallet at home. There's even a place for a pocket pen to clip into the spine where the cover naturally folds. It's actually really easy to open and close, thanks to hidden magnets that snap the cover in place. The magnetic closure system won't wear out over time either, unlike snaps and elastic bands you'd find on other covers.

Instead of a standalone notebook cover, consider this all-in-one replacement from Bellroy. Your pockets will thank you. Grab one on Amazon at the link below, or check it out in five color options of top-grain leather at Bellroy's site.

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Deleteaccount ·
80 bucks?! I'll stick with field notes...
Oh no, I have to buy this. I have a Bellroy wallet that I've loved for years, and this is made for the little moleskine notebooks I carry daily.
Seth ·
yikes, $80? What is this, every day bourgeois carry?
Chris Myers ·
WRONG SIZE. Field Notes are 3.5" X 5.5" not 5" and this company doesn't sell notebooks to fit. Price is also high at $79.00 although there's free shipping.
Vincent Wong ·
It fits Field Notes
Paul Tobeck ·
Yeah, $79? That's a lot of money for a few pieces of leather. Lots of less expensive options on Amazon/Etsy, albeit without magnets. Though if the magnets are strong enough to keep this closed, not sure I want them anywhere near my credit cards.
Hexagon ·
Do want...not in leather though
Britt ·
Not available at the link provided