Versatile and Light Traveler's Carry

When I can only carry the minimum set of items, these are the ones I keeping coming back to. When I leave out one of these items, I miss it. This load-out is also small enough to fit in a few pockets, but provides essentials for a day at the office or a day exploring. Of course the Böker stays at home or in the checked baggage when needs be.
The real gem is the "wallet": the Victorinox SwissCard Lite with a silicone band is about as compact as a wallet can get, but the various micro tools have come in handy more times than I can count. The light is dim, but when it's genuinely dark it really helps, and it's a good backup if and when the phone battery dies along with its light. I don't need a pen very often, but when I do the tiny ballpoint is just enough. The other tools don't measure up to my favorite Leatherman Charge Ti, but that beast is several times heavier and bulkier, and these are always available and surprisingly useful in a pinch. I'd like to add a couple of metal card tools to double as RFID protection.

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Wow, the idea with the SwissCard is plainly awesome! Where did you get the silicone band from?