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Kizer Vanguard Kane Flipper Knife

Mikey Bautista
Kizer Vanguard Kane Flipper Knife

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Looking at this knife, your first thought was probably like ours: this thing must be expensive. With its great blade shape and clean lines, you'd think it's got to be a custom, right? Think again. The Kizer Vanguard Kane—a collaboration with custom knife maker Matt Degnan—is actually a production knife. And as far as those go, the Kane is a rare combination of good build quality, versatile materials, and an affordable price.

The Kane keeps its price low by making use of more common materials, namely VG-10 steel for its blade and G10 for its handles. But don't judge a knife by its spec sheet. Its 3.5” drop point blade is large and versatile for even heavy cutting tasks. The G10 scales seamlessly join with stainless steel at the handle, bolsters, and liners for a sleek, streamlined look. Combine this with clever touches like a large finger choil for secure grip and a bearing pivot system for smooth opening  and you've got yourself a knife ready for comfortable use. And while it is on the larger end of EDC knives, a slim profile and spring titanium clip lets you slip the Kane into your pockets for everyday carry.

Let's also not forget the best part: this is a lot of knife for under a hundred dollars. If you need something beefy and gets the job done and looks great while doing it, pick up the Kizer Vanguard Kane from Amazon at the link below.

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Craig ·
So, while I agree that the Kizer is a nice looking knife and its much more affordable than any custom folder is going to be - I'm going to go out on a limb and say that there are a large number of people that don't think that $77 is on the affordable end of the spectrum. At the risk of sounding like a cheap-skate, I just know that I've lost and damaged enough knives that I won't carry anything that will chap my hide if I have to replace it because it got set down or I had to do something that damages it beyond repair. Everyone's level of comfort is different and as a new member, I haven't looked through every nook of the website, but I'd love to see more info about EDC on the cheap as opposed to EDC to impress your friends at the CC with useless titanium crap that costs $399. The good news is that in a true survival situation, I'm confident that the guy with the bespoke bottle opener and purple matching everything is going to succumb before I do.
Sam Nead ·
Right on brother.
Josh. ·
That's why I will always sing the praises of Kershaw knives; they work wonderfully, truly are affordable, and look awesome if you care about those kinds of things. Plus, there's that whole "legal switchblade" functionality too (which remains a big selling point for me.)
Craig ·
Josh, big fan of Kershaw assisted open myself. Found a CRKT Drifter I really like that is sharp, slender and opens very nicely without the assist. I have a Spyderco PM that is a nice knife, but I don't carry often because I don't wanna replace it if something happens. This is why I carry a bic lighter, a mag solitaire I can replace easily and a Gerber Suspension I got on clearance.
Britt ·
Exactly. If I'm going to carry it regularly, it's gotta be sub $50. Anything more than that and it's gonna be an occasional carry item that I'm careful with.
Robert Kercher ·
If you are into button lock knives at all, might I suggest the Schrade SC60B? I just got mine in the last week, and I've been putting it through its paces. The ones sold on BladeHQ and most other online retailers come as converted automatics. I'm going to remove the spring from mine to see how it is, but I have to say that I love the action and ergonomics. Feels a lot like my friend's Benchmade auto, but cost about 1/5 that. Also not afraid to use it hard like he is :D Had a decent edge from factory, but has taken a better one with just a couple minutes on my medium steel hone rod, and a small bit of stropping. I'll post my first EDC pic soon.
Armando Aguillon ·
Craig, you nailed it. Appreciate the effort to highlight new gear but I also prefer practicality, durability, functionality, and value over wow factor. Keep up the great work!
Boris Ho ·
I think Kizer Sheepdog is the one who can bare the name "Closet to Custom" in both outlook, touching and quality
Mikey Bautista ·
Wow that looks pretty damn nice!
Alexander Noot ·
It's currently on massdrop for under $40....if you like this one...that's the place to get one.

Doggo ·
Considering that it's hard to even import knives; I'll just stick with my Ganzo 7142.
Darren Tong ·
Well, Kizer is a Chinese company. All their knives are made in China, if that makes it any easier to import.
Doggo ·
Nop, the customs here forbid imports of any knife and the markup of most pocket knives here are insane.

Fortunately a local Ganzo dealer is considerate enough to price his products accordingly.
Darren Tong ·
These vanguard are still good knives. But gone are the days when Kizers are the absolute value in knives. Used to be able to get s35vn blades and an anodized titanium framelock for $100 or less. Now if u want that, it will cost you $200-250. Granted they did up the quality of their knives at that price range.
EverydayArsenal ·
+1 for the profile pic. Lol.
Darren Tong ·
Haha not too many get that.
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