The tools I need in the least space

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Chiang Mai, Thailand
I've always had some favorite EDC items but recently I listed out all the tools I want to carry and determined the most efficient way to carry them all. Besides the usual blade and light, these include both small and large phillips-head drivers; a toothpick; nail clippers; a bottle opener; scissors; and a pair of pliers. Turns out the best way to fit all that in my pockets was to mod some Swiss Army Knives to have only what I need and nothing else. So I customized a Waiter to swap the corkscrew for a phillips-head, and customized a Mechanic to remove the can opener layer (I find two layers to be the largest SAK I'll actually carry) I did custom micarta and teak scales for each, and a titanium pocket clip for the Waiter. I'll carry one or the other depending on whether I foresee pliers being handy.

I spend time in Germany as well and all of this is legal there.

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Loving those wooden scales on the mechanic. Great carry.