Balanced EDC

My approach to EDC is that you should have all the bases covered in some minimal way, without pretending you are going to survive in the jungle with nothing but what is in your pockets. Anything used daily carry something as close to "full-sized" as I can stand. Things used less often are I carry just enough to scrape by. This approach balances between strict minimalism and over-loaded pockets.

Things I consider to be of primary importance are: a knife, fire starter, flashlight, money, keys. Of secondary importance: a pen and paper, phone, and a handkerchief (not for wiping noses!).

All except the handkerchief are covered in my EDC. I have a full size knife and pen, because I use them every day, and minimal fire starter, flashlight and notebook, because they are only used occasionally. I carry more serious gear in my backpack or coat pockets, such as a more substantial flashlight.

The Keyport is the best thing I ever did for my EDC. Keys jingle, bulge out on the sides, get tangled around themselves and other things in your pocket, and scratch the (bleepity-bleep) out of everything else in your pocket. This last one was the final straw for me.

Edit: I forgot to mention that there is a trimmed-down Field Notes notebook and matchbook inside of the wallet. I also own a knife module for the Keyport, but I don't often use it for two reasons: 1. It just isn't much of a knife. It is like a small swiss army knife, but a bit thicker. 2. It doesn't open one-handed, which is very important to me.

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Great minimal EDC!
How do you like the Svord knife?
I love it. It is as simple as they come. The exposed tang makes it quick and easy to open one handed. The carbon steel blade really holds an edge well, and with a forced patina easily wards off rust. They are very light, and very tough. I have battoned through pieces of firewood, just for kicks. I've never had any trouble with them opening in my pocket, unlike some liner lock knives I've owned. There are two bolts: The first one adds friction to the to the pivot, and I have it adjusted to swing freely. The other squeezes the blade when closed, and squeezes the tang when open. I have the second set quite tight, so the scales really grab the blade. Sorry for the super late response.
Perfect, thank you my friend! You just answered all the questions I was going to ask.
The Keyport is an excellent idea. Thank you, for the tip.
You're welcome.