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Grovemade Watch 02

Adam Molina
Grovemade Watch 02

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A good EDC watch is one of those tools whose form perfectly represents its function, so why shouldn’t it look good? Grovemade is a company that knows a thing or two about design, and the Watch 02 is their latest timepiece that aims to bring a distinct style to your wrist. It uses materials like wood and leather to put a natural twist on a modern design.

Grovemade partnered with Stefan Andren, a former watch designer for Nike, to put a solid wood watchface inside a stainless steel casing. The markings on the glass contrast with the wood so you can tell what time it is at a glance and the Japanese Miyota 5Y26 quartz movement ensures that your timing is on. Because of the quartz movement the battery should keep your watch ticking for to 2-3 years, so even though replacing it is easy you’ll rarely have to.

The Watch 02 comes in three color options, each made with unique materials. The wooden watchface comes in either maple or walnut wood and was CNC-milled in three dimensions to provide a sense of depth to your timepiece. You’ll get your choice of either brown or black vegetable tanned leather straps as well as a stainless steel casing in silver, black, or even 22 karat gold plated steel.

The Grovemade Watch 02 would be a worthy addition to any collection so make sure to pick one up via the link below if you’re interested.


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MacFarlane ·
These watches are made in China.... you should really let us know that right up front, just as you did when you identified the movement as Japanese.
Paul Taegel ·
Seriously? The the design is American, some of the parts are sourced from China, just like your computer and your car, and probably most of the things you own. The final assembly and QC are done in Portland, Oregon. So it's not quite accurate to say it's a Chinese made watch.
MacFarlane ·
"Some of the parts" = the entire module.

I concede, this is not solely a Chinese watch, but a good portion of it was made in China. My point still stands that if EDC is willing to call out part of the watch as Japanese, they should identity the rest of it as well- Cheap Chinese manufacturing is part of this watch.
Majid ·
Who is in the picture? The tatto on the arm is in Arabic and it is country name of United Arab Emirates.
Yeah I read that too. Emirati Represent!
Cool tat though