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Böker Plus Caracal

Mikey Bautista
Böker Plus Caracal

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You see them everywhere, from our recent staff picks to trending appearances the past few months in our roundups. The market's flooded with titanium framelock flipper knives. It takes a significant knife to swim against a tide like that, and the Böker Plus Caracal is up to the task. With a hefty blade in a heavy-duty steel and a handle that's all about the grip, it's a tough knife for the toughest EDC tasks.

Its edge over its peers comes in the form of a 3.5” drop point blade in D2 tool steel, deployed through a ball-bearing system. It's one of the best steels at staying sharp, and when paired with the versatile shape and length makes short work of even the hardest cutting jobs. But a large blade is unwieldy without the proper support, which is where the Caracal's ergonomic handle comes in.

Rather than the titanium/steel handles you would expect from most modern flippers, Böker made use of G-10 for a better shape without adding the weight of a heavier metal. And the metal it does use, with its stainless steel liners, is put to good use through exposed jumping and ending in a lanyard hole that doubles as an impact tool.

And despite its heft, the Caracal can still manage as an EDC knife. With an overall length of 8.375” and weighing 5.6 ounces, it trades a bit of pocket space for quite a handful of robust utility.

There's a new flipper in town, and it's ready to get to work. Pick up the Böker Plus Caracal from the Amazon link below.

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Good looking knife for a very fair price, however "the market is flooded with titanium frame lock knives" is a weird statement when your then going to go on and talk about a steel and G-10 liner lock. I'd trust my titanium frame lock over any liner lock but I'd for sure consider this as a lighter duty carry and that 80 buck price point is nice considering that a griptillian with the exact same materials will run you nearly twice as much.
Darren Tong ·
This has definitely been on my list. Solid release