Today's Torched Carry

Lincoln, Nebraska
A bit of today's carry features items with torched coloring. Who doesn't want a little color in their pockets?!

I'm a big fan of gear with character, so leather and copper are two materials that I don't ever see myself stepping away from.

Enjoy, cheers!

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Very nice setup. I dig it.
NICE! How did you get the nice patina on the Sage 2? I assume that's a custom job -- who did it if you didn't do it yourself?
Thank you! I just sanded down the scales with a high grit sandpaper and torched the non-clip side with a propane torch. I've got a ZT0450 I was able to get completely bronze colored by flame, which was really nice, so I figured I could do the same with my Sage 2.... nope! So I decided to go for an oil-spill look.
Very cool! Nice work! Reminds me of the scene in Deal of the Century where he provides "just a little touchup" -- https://youtu.be/Zi0nMgQC25o
Am liking the full grain leather strap with a nice custom finish. Quality!
Thank you man! I appreciate it!
Love everything from Hitch and Timber.
I couldn't find the watch leather strap at the link.
Do you know how can I find it elsewhere besides amazon?
It looks amazing, just what I am looking for
Hi, it's a custom strap I purchased off of the WatchUSeek forums. It's a Horween Dublin strap.
What's the finish on your pen? It looks great.
It's just copper with a patina. The first month I carried it in an Ashton leather slip case, just to avoid the sweat and oil from my hands rubbing off in my pocket. It worked out pretty well! Thanks!
Love the copper chap stick sleeve. Tried the link but can't find it on Amazon. Any idea where I can find one of those? TY in advance.