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I think this EDC is self explanatory ... love the ResqMe ... used it too!

REALY like the G5 hand little tool as well as the mini shears I got from MilSpec Monkey.

The Super Roadhouse is a crowbar of a blade, really useful when you have to cut down a wall or something! :P

Stay away from the Little Buddy lighters ... they break down and their warranty service is nonexistent!

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3- Light Carry: Emerson is the original, but my group are issued ZT Emersons black because of better component quality? This knife not legal personal carry in my part of Europe. Also I like a serrated blade, and I use a lanyard. Classic knife that tells who you are.......
ZT are good blades and excellent value for money! I got that Super RH for cheap ... I usually carry a CQC-8 though and I am even thinking of sizing down to a horseman. A buddy of mine makes bun of this EDC ... he says that the knife is bigger than the gun! :P

What is the law about knives at the Russian Federation?
Complex Question: Basically it is illegal for a civilian (without an 'expert certificate' from the local legal jurisdiction) to carry certain knives as a cold weapon for defense (or attack). Civilian cold weapon laws in RF can be variable, subjective and/or rigid. For any civilian on the street when confronted by the militsiya or policeman they can be assured that most EDC knives may subjectively be determined to be illicit and will be confiscated followed by an hugh negative situation unless remuneration is immediately forthcoming. RF in country, a disposable S&W SW-1000 or a clone (relatively no cost) which IMO are more practical and potentially less problematic than a Roadhouse, Carrillo, ER, or Praetorian. In the RF matrix
possibly to be in legal civilian compliance and for local recognition, a CS mini AK-47 may be practical. Also being practical in my (issue and dispose) situation, I prefer to keep expensive tools at home in their box and use a personal clone in the field. Example: In some locations, I would never wear a gold ring or watch with positive expectations.
Thank you for your in depth reply!!!