Downtime EDC

Jonny Russell
Doctor (age 26)
Terrigal, Australia
My EDC for days off from work on New South Wales' Central Coast. At the heart of this loadout are three beautiful handcrafted heirloom-quality leather pieces from the boys at Rawhide Custom in my hometown of Liverpool, UK. I'm not one for jewellery, but the leather cord anchor bracelet is another more nautical nod to my proud Liverpool heritage.
I was given the engraved zippo a few years ago by one of my best mates and it always stays close to hand and, staying with the touches of home, the small swiss multitool on my keychain is a ringer for the one my Grandad always carried when I was a kid. I've upgraded the rest of my by blade carry recently, supplementing the trusty Victorinox Huntsman with an immaculately put-together titanium and stainless slip joint from Quietcarry. While time slides by at a different pace on the Central Coast, my Triwa Lansen is lightweight, comfortable and keeps things in check, though I sometimes swap it out for a Tsovet JPT-TS44 chronograph.

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Scott Wicksted ·
I really like the wallet. I'll carry my space pen in the fold of my wallet as I haven't come across one in my travels. I like to feel the items before I buy them so..... eventually I'll find one I can see/touch before I buy.
Mike ·
I see you have the West by Quietcarry, very nice. I hope you like it as much as I do the Strand by Quietcarry. The only regret I have about the Strand was not ordering a West at the same time when they were offered on Kickstarter. Mr. Bryce Alexander makes some very good knives.