10+ year old bag ...

Athens, Greece
This is my EDC bag ... my favourite bag ... the best bag I ever owned.

In my life span I have carried anything from Chinese-copy JansSport to leather Tumi and LVs. This bag I bout more than 10 years ago. It is a Endom USA TNT that was custom ordered without the Velcro panels on the front. I have carried it everywhere! Afrika (with a K for thoset hat know what I mean), South America, Asia etc. I have put in it anything from diapers and my PhD thesis to frag grenades and breaching charges. Even dropped it from a JetRanger once.

I have omitted the central compartment load as it changed frequently.

Through the years I tried to change it and bought other bags. A very good example is a leather Tumi I own. I tried to use it daily for office work as lets be honest is way more prestigious (and about 3 times the price) of this TNT. In vain ... I still take the TNT with me.

Considering the use it has seen it has stood up extremely well. The only sighs of wear are the the HK clip rubs and the thread that was pulled from the velcro in the handle. Apart from those after every wash it is as good as new!

So 10+ years dowI will send it for repair (excellent service) and then retire it from daily use! It will be my permanent go bag at the office with a new load of course. What am I getting?

An Endom USA TNT bag of course ... in grey! ;)

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