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BigiDesign Bit Bar

Ed Jelley
BigiDesign Bit Bar

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For quick fixes on the go, it's a good idea to carry a pocket tool. Most come with a screwdriver of some sort built in, but when you go to use it, the design often feels like an afterthought. And to properly tackle all the different screws you'll encounter, you'd need to somehow carry a whole kit of loose bits. Instead, what if you could have a full-fledged screwdriver and no-compromise bit set that fits conveniently in your pocket? BigiDesign is back at it again on Kickstarter with their newest tool that does exactly that, called the Bit Bar.

Inside, the Bit Bar holds onto 8 different (standard 1/4” sized) bits that you can swap out depending on your needs. Each bit is held in place by a spring loaded magnet. You can push down on the Bit Bar to extend your bit collection, grab the one you need, then release to let the rest retract back into the handle. There’s also an included bit extender so you can get into those tight areas and hard-to-reach screws more easily.

What makes the Bit Bar unique is that it features a full-sized handle that’s easy to use, but it carries more like a pocket knife than it does a screwdriver. As if designing an excellent, functional tool wasn’t enough, BigiDesign have made their own custom three-position ratchet that works seamlessly with the Bit Bar.

The Bit Bar is available in black DLC-coated titanium, tumbled raw titanium, or a more affordable fiberglass-reinforced nylon. Pledges start at $59, and go up to $120. Hit the link below and check out the campaign and demo video for yourself.

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Scott Johnson ·
And they had to include a cap lifter. Why does every bloody tool need a cap lifter?

Are all Americans alcoholics, of course not. So why cram in a cap lifter.

Most EDC folks carry several tools and they all have a cap lifter - make yourself stand out and don't include one.
blueumbrella ·
Your photos are better than those on the Kickstarter project page :-) Thanks
Andrew Orel ·
Ah, aren't these the same photos?