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Stagehand (age 39)
Munich, Germany
I recently purchased two new items for my edc when I´m off work. The maratac copper AA is lovely, it feels solid and is powerful enough for when I´m walking my dog in the evenings (that dude can hide everywhere!). The lifeproof case for my beloved Iphone SE is also a good item, being a stagehand is easy to drop your cell phone around and with such a massive case it feels safe. The only thing is that you gotta get used to it, makes your phone feel like a brick in your pocket. Last but not least a friend of mine who´s leather smith made this great pouch for my tidioute viper, I love this knife and I carry it as oft as I can but since is very rare I don´t wanna take any risk...!
One good thing is that a lot of people in the edc scene here in Germany started to produce hankys that look good and have affordable prices.

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those little martac lights are awesome....i own quite few of them .....i had a brass AAA but sadly lost it a few months ago and i am currently shopping for a new light to replace it ....i think i am going to go with the brass Reylight / pineapple !
Seba ·
Just love those little flashlights!