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Everyday Carry
Tried and True Essentials

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Not all EDC gear is created equal. Some tried and true essentials rise above the rest and become your go-to gear. Our friends over at Huckberry know a thing or two about adventuring, and these are some of their best selling tools you can add to your own carry. Whether you’re looking to replace a specific item or two, or want some durable essentials for your next adventure these are some solid recommendations to keep your bases covered.

Everyday Carry Best Sellers

Bull & Stash Leather Notebook

Bull & Stash began as an idea and a scrap of leather and turned into a collection of notebooks that quite literally never run out of pages. The Stash is their largest creation yet, and with its easily-refillable page design and oiled leather cover that only grows more distinct with use, you won’t ever again be in the market for another notebook.


Armogan Le Mans Chronograph

Armogan’s watches recall the adventure of an earlier era, when beautiful engines and machinery went hand in hand with a wily, adventurous spirit. The Le Mans, as its name indicates, celebrates the heights of 20th Century auto racing, a sport whose drivers displayed a certain refined appetite for risk, confidence, and elegance. This watch’s durable stainless steel case, perforated suede strap, and chronograph make it a driver-approved timepiece that takes on character as you put it through its paces at the racetrack.


Foursevens Preon I Flashlight

The FOURSEVENS Preon P1 flashlight is a good way to light up the dark without dipping too deep in your wallet. Carrying it is easy thanks to a convenient pocket clip and because it’s made of aircraft aluminum you know it’s strong enough for everyday carry. It accepts AAA batteries and has a max output of 100 lumens, which is customizable with five different interface modes so that you can get the right amount of light every time.


Deejo Juniper 37g Knife

This featherlight wonder barely registers on the scale at a mere 37 grams, or roughly the weight of three pencils. Each blade is designed around superior in-hand balance and portability in either stainless steel or damascus. Wooden handles in a variety of finishes, an inner-lock design, and pocket clip round out the knife.


Everyman Grafton Pen

Everyman's Grafton pen makes for a sturdy, refillable jotter that won’t break the bank. It's built from an expertly-weighted, anodized aluminum body, outfitted with a deep groove grip. It takes popular refills like the Pilot G2 and Fisher Space Pen cartridges, and features a heavy-duty bolt-on clip for transport.


Ridge Wallet

Ridge makes some of the best value minimalist wallets around. The wallet's integrated track accommodates up to 12 cards safely, yet accessible with a simple one-finger push. For some added carry space, an elastic band lets you secure cash or other small essentials to the wallet's exterior. The lightweight body itself (2 oz.) blocks RFID-skimming devices to protect your identity and credit cards.


Huckberry Compact EDC Kit

A knife, a dual-function screwdriver and a multitool, all packed neatly into an ultra-compact carry system from Keysmart's Extended base chassis. The kit includes some essential gear don’t want to be without, no matter the situation, like a Griffin Pocket Tool, bit-driver with a reversible Phillips/flathead bit, and a super compact folding blade.


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Alex ·
Had a Ridge, loved it. However, constant use resulted in the corners chafing against the inside of my pants pocket and eventually poked a hole in one of my jeans.

I dropped it on a motorcycle ride one time and ended up switched to a Rever Vant Clipfold. So good now; love that wallet. No more quadruple folding my bills to make them fit nicely in the wallet haha
Scott Johnson ·
I looked at the Keysmart and the Keyport today. Not in this lifetime unless maybe if I won the lotto. Too much money for what they offer.
Billy ·
Compact EDC all the way :)
Coast ·
Love the Huckberry Compact EDC Kit.
TKsovereign ·
Was going to check out that Huckberry kit just to check out the Klecker blade but none of the links are working. I have a Klecker Cordovan Lite and its a nice blade (gentleman's carry to me).
Seth ·
RE: the huckberry kit. I have a KeySmart, but I'd like to add some of those tools! Where can I find that griffin pocket tool? Looks like they are much wider on amazon. What about the bit driver?
Franklion ·
FYI, I contacted stowaway.com to see when the Griffin and screwdriver will be back in stock and it's April 10th.
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blueumbrella ·
One of my favorite pens, the Everyman Grafton. Perfect size, weight, and accepts the Pilot G2 refill. I participated in the original Kickstarter project, and it goes everywhere with me.