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BigiDesign Ti Pocket Pro

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BigiDesign Ti Pocket Pro

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When you think of your favorite pen, what do you like about it the most? It might be the design, but there's a good chance it's your go-to because of how well it writes. You can chalk up that smoothness to its ink cartridge. All too often, when you get an EDC pen, you're stuck with using the one cartridge it comes with. BigiDesign's new Ti Pocket Pro, on the other hand, offers a completely customizable experience. It seamlessly transforms to fit over 80 different ballpoint, gel, and rollerball refills, all while maintaining a pocket-friendly design.

The Ti Pocket Pro is BigiDesign's most compact pen yet, measuring in at just over 4” with a Parker-style refill and a little over a half inch longer with a standard rollerball. The Ti Pocket Pro stands out from the pack thanks to its small size and ability to accept over 80 of the most popular pen refills out there. The key is in its tip mechanism: it's almost like the adjustable clutch on the end of a drill. As you tighten the grip, the clutch clamps down onto your refill of choice. The best part? It gets a just-right fit for a secure, wiggle-free writing experience. On the pen there’s also a beefy, ridged grip section, a sturdy pocket clip, and of course, solid grade 5 titanium construction.

BigiDesign has an excellent track record with Kickstarters, so back with confidence. In fact, the Ti Pocket Pro is currently trending on Kickstarter with nearly 2000 backers and over $100k of funding. Make sure to check out the video at the Kickstarter link below to get a better idea of how this pen works.

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Blackthorn ·
That is a sweet pen. What I really like is the ability to use any refill. Cool!
blueumbrella ·
Thanks for sharing this great project. Got in under the wire, to grab the early bird reward.
Efrain Suarez II ·
Only two left for the early bird, got the last one.
Hexagon ·
They are grinding and coming out with all these innovative pens. Good for them. Backed
Andrew ·
Backed. Looks awesome