The 12 Best USB Rechargeable Flashlights

The 12 Best USB Rechargeable Flashlights

Editor's Note: We've updated this guide with new picks for 2019-2020. Click here to check out the new article.

Nothing beats the convenience and ease of use you get from a USB rechargeable flashlight. Gone are the cumbersome and bulky specialty chargers and battery cradles. Instead, these flashlights get their juice from a USB power port and cable. This lets you keep your flashlight charged even when you're on the go. No outlet? No problem — charge your light off your laptop or an external battery pack.

The best part is that these lights don't skimp on  performance. They come in all the familiar shapes, sizes, and power outputs that you'd expect from a proper EDC light. There's a lot of them out there though, and finding the perfect one for your everyday carry can be daunting. We've put together this list of our favorites to make the choice easier for you.

StreamLight ProTac HL

If you're looking for a light that will stand up to hard use, the ProTac HL has a shockproof C4 LED module. It's IPX4 water-resistant and has a durable aluminum construction that's built to last.

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Olight S1R Turbo Baton

The S1R Turbo is one of the smallest, lightest, and most powerful RCR123 lights available. It measures a tiny 2.6 inches long and weighs only 1.26 ounces without a battery. It puts out a max of 900 lumens and charges with a special magnetic USB cable that attaches to the bottom.

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EagleTac DX30LC2-R

If you want sheer power that's still easily pocketable, this EagleTac light is for you. It puts out 1160 lumens max while still fitting in your hand. It has both side switch and rear button, controlling high and low outputs separately for ease of use.

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Nitecore MH12

If throw is the name of your game, the MH12 puts out whopping 1000 lumens out to a distance of 760 feet. It's all packed into a pocket-sized design that fits in the palm of your hand.

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Fenix RC11

The Fenix RC11 makes USB charging even easier with an innovative magnetic cable. Don't worry, it takes standard cables too. The switch is on the side for this light, making it especially comfortable to hold in an underhanded grip.

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Coast HP3R

If a penlight is what you're looking for, this Coast flashlight is one of the most powerful in its class. It puts out a max of 245 lumens to a distance of 305 feet despite its slim frame and USB rechargeable capability. At its lowest power setting, it'll stay on for a continuous six hours.

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Anker LC90

This solid 900 lumen IP65 water-resistant light is one of the most affordable on this list. Anker's known for their reliable battery tech, and they include an 18650 as part of the deal.

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ZeroHour Ignite

This classy polished titanium pocket light looks great and has the specs to match. It puts out 385 lumens from its CREE XP-G2 LED module despite being only 3" long. It also has a magnetic tailcap, letting you stick it on a metal surface to illuminate your workspace.

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Nitecore Tube

This is the most popular USB-rechargeable keychain flashlight in our EDC community. It takes up about as much space as a key fob or car alarm switch. Despite that it puts out a respectable 45 lumens. Plus, it's available in a wide variety of colors to suit your style.

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SureFire Sidekick

If you're looking for something a little bit more powerful to put on your keys, the SideKick is it. It puts out 300 lumens max and has three different output modes. It also has the weather resistance and reliability you expect from a SureFire light.

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MecArmy Illuminex-1

This is quite possibly the smallest USB rechargeable light you can EDC. It measures only 1.6" long and weighs 8.9 grams absent a battery. Despite that tiny size, it's surprisingly powerful. It puts out 130 lumens max and fully recharges in under an hour.

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If you can't justify carrying a dedicated light, maybe one that doubles as an external power pack would be worth carrying. The XGrid not only adds extra utility to your EDC, but it also ensures that this light runs longer than any other on this list. It puts out 250 lumens max and it's IP65 water-, dirt-, and impact-resistant.

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Do you use a USB-rechargeable light? Let us know how you like yours in the comments below.

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Fenix UC02SS on keychain, Fenix UC30 and Nitecore Tip in backback, all usb.
Nitecore Tube, guys!
There all so bloody expensive!
Also worth checking out: Olight S2R (bigger brother to the S1R, uses an 18650 battery for 1020 lumen output and longer run times than the S1R.) Olight H1R Nova. Same idea as the S1R but 600 lumens and double duty as a headlamp. And in the keychain category: Nitecore TIP. The TIP 2017 edition came out recently and has a detachable pocket clip.
Yay! Thanks for the list guys, I requested in the forum and you guys came through so quickly :))
Great,You also worth trying TANK007.UC16 high powerful USB flashlight is a good choice.