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5 Slim Wallets for Every Style of EDC

A Huckberry Collaboration

Everyday Carry
5 Slim Wallets for Every Style of EDC

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Few things in your EDC are as personal as your wallet, making them the perfect way to set the tone of rest of your gear's style. Our friends at Huckberry have an eye for that kinda thing — just take a look the goods they carry. We've curated five of their most popular wallets that'll take your EDC to the next level both in performance and in style, no matter what yours might be.

Bellroy Hide & Seek

The Hide & Seek is a classic option from the wallet-slimming experts at Bellroy. It's a natural starting point for those looking to slim their wallet. Between its conventional bifold style and large enough capacity, you won't have to think too hard about what cards to sock drawer or completely relearn how to use your new wallet. The best part is it manages to cram so many extra features and hidden compartments while trimming away the bulk. It features a premium vegtan cow leather construction, 4 quick access card slots, a protected section for cards and business cards, and a hidden compartment for emergency cash.


Rogue Industries Bison Leather Wallet

At first glance, it's hard not to notice the unconventional shape of the Rogue Industries Wallet. But it's actually more familiar than you'd think. Its silhouette is curved to fit neatly into the front pocket of your favorite jeans for a comfortable carry. It's not just its shape that stands out, either. Rogue sources exceptional USA leather for their wallets, including Colorado bison leather, which is 40% tougher than traditional cowhide. This wallet accommodates up to 6 cards, protects against RFID skimming, and features an extra stash pocket.


Ridge Wallet Aluminum & Cash Strap

The Ridge Wallet lands right in the sweet spot between a bulky traditional bi-fold wallet and a limited minimalist wallet. The integrated track accommodates various numbers of cards without losing elasticity; providing an extremely thin wallet that isn't limited in it's capacity. The modular design also gives you the flexibility to purchase interchangeable outer plates and elastic for easy customization. The cash strap is an extremely thin and versatile elastic, allowing you to carry cash, business cards, or RFID-enabled cards.


Exclusive Tanner Goods Quad Wallet

Tanner Goods were at the forefront of crafting durable, made in the USA leather goods and accessories that didn't sacrifice on style or performance. They've come a long way, expanding into buy-it-for-life quality pens, bags, and other EDC gear. In an exclusive collaboration with Huckberry, they've revived the Quad Wallet. It's a minimalist, double-sided cardholder with quick access to every one of its four card slots. Made from English Bridle Leather in the USA, proudly stamped with both brands' logos. And now at 50% off, you'll keep more cash on your cards for sure.


Dango Wallet & Multi Tool

You could think of your wallet as another accessory, but the utility-driven design of the Dango Wallet makes it more like a mash-up between a multi-tool and a cardholder. It's built in the USA from aluminum, genuine leather, and mil-spec hardware — a mix of materials that fits right in with the rest of your EDC gear. The Dango Wallet's card-shaped multi-tool components adds more functionality to your pockets, with 14+ tools in total: a bottle opener, screwdriver, hex wrench, serrated saw edge, and more.


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Josh ·
I recently switched to the Bellroy Low Down. I LOVE it! It's very similar to the Hide & Seek but without the flap to hide your currency with. I prefer the simpler design. I've seem some users complain about the leather not holding up but so far it's been perfect for me. I primarily carry it in my front pocket.
They have pretty nice wallets but kinda out of my price range.
Shane ·
I'm currently carrying the trayvax element.
It's low profile and still has some leather in its construction and that's a beautiful thing. Also it seems pretty damn durable, I'd be surprised to get less that 10 years out of it.
Dango Tactical user here. I love it and carry nothing else for my cards and money. Paper money fits under the band and change fits in the pockets until it goes in the jar where it belongs.

I dont really use the multi-tool as i have too many cards but i carry it separately in my sling pack for when i need it.

Amazing wallet, sleek, light and compact. And, it protects all cards against RFID related theft
D Hill ·
Do you have any problems clearing airport security due to the serrated saw edge? - DRH
Jeff Povey ·
My current slim wallet of choice is the Machine Era Ti5 Wallet.

Pretty much using a two wallet system - Carry all my cards in a Maxpedition Spartan, and then pick which cards I need each day, and put them in the Machine Era Titanium Wallet.

The Maxpedition wallet lives either in my M65 jacket, or an Eastpak bag
ThreePercenter ·
I am looking for a bifold but with an ID and card holder on the outside (either side) only I want something that has a pouch inside like traditional bifolds for my money so I don't have to fold it. Does anyone know somewhere to get something like this? The closest I have seen all have money clips and I dislike using them. I want my money hidden but not folded, and access to my cards externally. Basically trying to cut out having to open a traditional bifold to use my card but still keep the security of not flashing my millions when opening it.
Joshua ·
I make a wallet unlike ANY wallet you've ever seen, Its capable of being attached to most phones OR just be used as an ID wallet! I personally make and guarantee for life. Help out a small business and check out my website or find me on Amazon. Company name is Kapotas Designs. If you're reading this I hope something great happens to you today!!
Billy ·
Am currently carrying the Disc Wallet from Disc Brand Co, has got everything I need, minimalist EDC and good price! Bellroy's new DE seems quite pricey but I do like the stitching techniques. Never got onto the multitool wallets but might one day!
Kisetsu Natsu wallet for me. Small even by the standards of minimalist wallets but will hold cards, notes and importantly for me, coins too. Looks great too.
Lester ·
The All-ett should be included here.
Alex ·
While the Ridge is amazing at what it does and its capabilities, a serious downside is that, with extended use, the corners tend to chafe against your pocket and eventually wears a hole into your pant pocket. That's to be expected though, with the entire exterior made of aluminum.
Shane ·
Yup I found that too, it was the only downside I found after a few months.
Alex ·
Yeh, I dropped my Ridge and so I had to get a replacement. Ran with the Herschel Charlie for a while; now THAT is slim haha.

I use the Rever Vant Clipfold wallet, love it. Holds six cards total and some bills but still slim enough to fit well in my front pocket
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