Work day around the house

Mathew Carver
Cincinnati, Ohio

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J.S. Leonard ·
I dig it. Great setup brother. I'm a Charlotte Independence Fan.
MemeKing ·
Whats the name/brand of the handkerchief in the background?
Alex Nightingale ·
I've heard great things about Olight. You like it?
Mathew Carver ·
I love it, my girlfriend actually got me this one as a present, and even though I have other lights just as bright the patina this one gains and battery life keep me coming back.

Cheers, Matt.
Kevin J Meyer ·
Man, I wish I had a brass/copper Olight🎈 Nice carry, mate!
Mathew Carver ·
You should definitely hunt one down if you can, it's one of my favorite items. It's become like a friend now haha
Woohoo FC Cincinnati fan!!! Can't wait to get back to Cincy in a few weeks to go to games!
Mathew Carver ·
Oh yea man! I made it to two games last year, one being the crystal palace game and I became a life long fan after that haha