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Prometheus Kappa Quick-Release Keychain

Mikey Bautista
Prometheus Kappa Quick-Release Keychain

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Your keychain's a great place to keep lightweight tools and backup essentials. But sometimes those extra steps of taking it out and detaching it from your belt loop can get cumbersome when your need your gear in a hurry. For moments like this, swapping in the Prometheus Kappa Quick Release (QR) system can be a small but significant upgrade to your EDC. With a simple twist, you can detach your keys or tools from your carabiner or suspension clip, saving you both time and bulk when you need to use them.

The Kappa's signature snap action is built with two specific parts. The first is a specially designed canted coil spring, manufactured to exact specifications and commonly used for electrical and mechanical connectors across industries. The second is its two disconnecting halves, one with a special groove where the spring lies and gives the Kappa its 10-pound attach/detach strength. Pull and twist the halves to the left to disconnect, push and twist them to the right to connect—simple and effective.

While the Kappa was originally paired with another Prometheus product and only came in brass, this new campaign gives backers a choice of 5 materials. You can choose between C360 brass (19g), C145 tellurium copper (20g), 6061 nickel-plated aluminum (10g), and two colors of either Delrin or Lexan thermoplastic, both at 7g. These materials also give you plenty of options of matching your Kappa to your EDC's aesthetic, from stealth black to classy copper.

The Kappa QR's campaign is well on its way and funded, and you have plenty of time to back for one of your own. Head over to the Kickstarter link below to pledge for yours.

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Nick ·
It's a great idea but $20 (which is apparently a discount off the future price) for a keychain is simply too much.
Just went for this, have wanted one for a while but didn't want the brass. For me it's a QR for my car key so the whole key chain isn't dangling off the car key next to my knee.
Alphonso Ngiam ·
If you look at it as a key managing solution, I think the price is reasonable. Keysmart and orbitkey costs way more.

If you look at it as just 2 key chains put together then yeah... I really like the quick release idea though!