8 Watches to Wear This Spring/Summer

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You only EDC the right tool for the job, right? Just like you wouldn’t take a sports car out in the snow. It’s simply not made for that. The same goes for watches — you wouldn’t take a dress watch diving. And with the weather warming up, adventure beckons. Before your next expedition, leave the dress watch for the office and pick up a tough timepiece you wouldn’t mind knocking around instead. Whether you’re hiking, camping, swimming, or just wanting something lighter on your wrist, this guide has got you covered.

The watches on this list have one or more of the following qualities that make them perfect to wear this Spring/Summer season:

  • Color accents: A white face with a pop of color gives off a more casual look.
  • Water resistance: At least 100M should do the trick if you plan on swimming with your watch.
  • Adventure-ready: Shock resistance, a self-recharging battery, and water resistance ensure that your timepiece is ready for that upcoming hike or camping trip.
  • Comfortable Strap: Over the course of the day, your wrist actually changes sizes with the temperature. Look for a strap that’s comfortable, breathable, and adjustable.

Bertucci A-3P

This lightweight, easy-wearing field watch is a great option for an everyday watch. The case is made from lightweight yet strong glass reinforced resin. The integrated lugs mean there’s no spring bars to pop off or lose during activity. Plus, you can easily swap in different NATO straps by threading them through the lugs. Inside, there’s a reliable Japanese quartz movement that’ll keep accurate time. The face is protected by hardened mineral glass that will hold up against bumps and scratches. The A3-P comes in a few different variations, as well as a titanium-cased model for just a few bucks more.

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Timex Weekender

The Timex Weekender is one of the most affordable yet respected watches out there. For around $25, you get a classic-looking watch that’s great for casual wear. The Weekender features a polished 38mm case, hitting the sweet spot between garishly big and way too small. This model features a white face with 12- and 24-hour markers as well as a colorful NATO-style strap.

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The GSHOCK DW9053 is the perfect “go anywhere, do anything” watch. While it’s not what you’d call sleek or streamlined, people have long appreciated GSHOCK’s utilitarian aesthetic. Like the name implies, this resin-cased watch is shock proof — making it ideal for camping, hiking, water sports, and more. The digital watch features several time zones, a stopwatch, hourly signal, and a convenient count down timer. Its 200M of water-resistance is more than enough for swimming, so no need to baby this watch.

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Suunto Core

Suunto’s line of outdoor watches are extensively used by hikers and outdoorsy people. The rugged construction paired with a solid set of features makes the Core great for all of your outdoor adventures. The watch is more of a wrist-worn computer than anything. It gives a readout of the altitude, barometric pressure, compass, and has weather alerts. If you’re heading outdoors, the Suunto Core will make a worthy companion.

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Seiko SKX009

Seiko’s SKX line of divers make an excellent gateway into the world watches. For around $200, you get a fully capable dive watch with one of the most reliable automatic movements around. The 42mm stainless steel case features a unidirectional bezel for timing dives. We like the 009 for its pop of color. Instead of the standard black face and black bezel on the SKX007, there’s a deep blue navy dial and a navy/red “Pepsi” bezel that add a colorful contrast. The hands and indices feature Seiko’s own Lumibrite paint coating, so they’ll glow long after the lights go out.

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Daniel Wellington 0101DW

Daniel Wellington’s minimalist 0101DW is ideal for the summer months. Its 40mm rose gold-tone case is slim and lightweight, perfect for casual wear. The narrow line indices keep the dial uncluttered. Paired with the slim hands and white face, the watch is easy to read. Included is a nylon, NATO-inspired band that adds some color to an otherwise minimal watch. At just under $100, the 0101DW represents a good value for the casual watch wearer.

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Timex Expedition Scout

Timex’s affordable line of watches are some of the best out there for the money. If the Weekender isn’t your style, consider the Expedition Scout. This outdoors-inspired line looks more like a vintage military field watch than an easy-wearing Timex. One Scout variant features a double-layered nylon strap in bright orange, making it highly visible outdoors. This watch also has Timex’s Indiglo technology that lights up the entire dial when the crown is pressed. At around just $35, you can’t go wrong with the Expedition Scout.

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Seiko 5 SNK803

While the Seiko 5 series line of watches might be priced for value, it doesn’t mean they’re built cheap. To be included in this incredibly valued line of watches, each must have an automatic movement, 20M water resistance, recessed crown, durable case and bracelet, and a day/date feature. The Seiko SNK803 is no exception. All of the features are packed into a 37mm stainless steel case with a Hardlex mineral glass crystal. This khaki-colored version is ideal for the warmer months, whether you’re out and about, or just want something nice and light on your wrist in the office.

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Upgrade What You Already Have

Already have a favorite watch? A simple strap upgrade can really change how a watch looks and wears. These Perlon straps are perfect for summer. The woven nylon is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. The best part is that there’s no defined holes for the strap buckle to lock in to. The buckle threads anywhere on the strap so you can adjust it to any length – ideal when your wrist size fluctuates throughout a hot day.

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What’s your favorite watch to wear over the summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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