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Arceo Wallet

If you've got your wallet, spare change, a set of keys, and a couple of small tools to carry, cramming them all into your pocket isn't the best look. Since pocket space can be hard to come by, you could clean up your pocket situation with the help of a few accessories. For starters, you could carry a key organizer, gear caddy, and cash stash. Or you could carry the Arceo Wallet from Ronin Energetics to do it all. It's a versatile, modular wallet with a few tricks up its sleeve to store your most essential EDC items all in one place.

While it may look like another minimalist plate wallet, it sets itself apart with features that are as impactful as they are discreet. A standout example of this is a secret stash compartment built right into the frame of the wallet itself. The bottom of the wallet opens via a magnetic latch. Inside, a spring-loaded mechanism keeps its contents securely in place. It's handy for stashing anything from coins, wads of cash, your favorite loose EDC gear, or up to 14 cards right inside your wallet and out of sight.

On the outer edge of the wallet, a magnetic quick-release attachment post replaces your keychain. It works like a key organizer, letting you swivel out a couple of keys or other small gear with lanyard holes for easy access and a silent carry. The whole post detaches from the frame of the wallet and snaps back in magnetically for added convenience.

Of course, the Arceo Wallet handles cards and cash easily thanks to its fuller frame. The front plates in its sandwich construction work like card or cash pockets with cut-out windows and a staggered layout to identify and retrieve your cards at a glance. It's built to be tough for its weight, CNC machined out of high performance composites like G10 and carbon fiber that'll most likely fit the rest of your gear's aesthetic. Customize one to your liking at the Kickstarter campaign below.

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James ·
Really innovative design, love the function! I don't see the pricing on it for 300 , just the wallet itself is 65usd, pretty reasonable. I've seen "minimalist" wallets go for 99 or more lol
Efrain Suarez II ·
Agreed. That price point drove me away.
Joe Yuen ·
Its ok, but too larger?
Bruce Maczko ·
For that kind of money it must be a limited edition of only 10 😂
Medic123 ·
Too expensive and on Kickstarter...Hell no. I have been burned and never again...
Bas ·
I love the design very innovative! I'd love to have one but for almost 300 bugs... nah.. I'll stick with my EZGO
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