Daily Carry in Berlin

Ramon Pallaske
Berlin, Germany
I need to connect and to stay up to date on my work projects while being mobile.
So my EDC only covers the essentials with fire, light and cutting but adds digital storage and devices that allow me quick access to information.
A leather sheath for knife, light, fire, storage is planned and will include places for my pen and notebook that I right now can't be bothered to keep in my pockets.

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Andrew ·
Nice to see about Android user 👊
A word of advise: the knife is not legal to carry in Germany (nicht §42 konform).
IANAL, but the rules as I understand them are as follow:
- less than 12cm
- if a folding knife can be opened with one hand, it cannot be locked (e.g. slip joint knives are OK)
- if a folding knife requires two hand to open, it can be locked (e.g. an opinel)
- auto, gravity and butterfly are either forbidden or cannot be caried.
Ramon Pallaske ·
Thank you very much, I am aware of that. I only carry openly in private areas. On my commute, for example, it is in my bag where I don't have ready access to it. This should, according to most definitions I've seen, be enough not to cause any problems. This is regulated in §42 a.
Your mileage may vary. depending on the police officer.
Billy ·
Nice EDC! How useful is the Rabbit Key Hanger?
Sean Blair ·
How do you like the Bragi Dash? I've been toying with buying a pair for a while now.