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GRID-IT Wrap Laptop Sleeve

Adam Molina
GRID-IT Wrap Laptop Sleeve

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Turning your backpack inside out in search of accessories or charging cables is never fun, but we’ve all been there. Cocoon Industries has a large line of accessories aimed at helping you organize your most used essentials when they won’t fit in your pockets. The GRID-IT Wrap is a laptop sleeve that fits up to a 13” slim laptop, outfitted with their signature criss-crossed elastic straps for secure gear organization at a glance.

With a GRID-IT on your laptop sleeve, there'll be no more digging through your computer bag in search of tiny accessories like USB sticks or earbuds. You can strap in everything from your favorite multitool to any charging cables you might need right onto the webbing panel of the GRID-IT Wrap. With the flap folded back, you’ll be able to see all your gear in one place without needing to empty your pack or rummage through compartments. Best of all, you can take advantage of the versatile straps to fit your specific needs. The setup that you use today might be completely different than the one you'll use tomorrow.

Because this is a laptop sleeve, it can be your own portable workstation that slips in and out of your bag with ease. Whether you’re trying to be a little more organized with your gear or are looking for a painless solution to loose accessories, the GRID-IT Wrap is worth checking out.

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Brad Clarkston ·
I use on on the driver side visor of my car works very well. Holds a pen, field notes notebook, knife, seat belt cutter, headlamp style flashlight and proof of insurance with room to spare (insurance card and notebook is between visor and grid).
TKsovereign ·
I was just thinking of these grid it systems today and how much I need some (different sizes). Can't say as I trust the loops to hold things that well against movement but in the end I believe they can serve a good purpose. They could work well in my BOB, GHB and EDC bags.
Mark Wainer ·
Seems like a good solution for a messenger bag. Because it would be bulky with all the stuff on there. Can't see it working too well for a bag with a laptop compartment like a briefcase or backpack
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