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Trending Gear: May 2017

Mikey Bautista
Trending Gear: May 2017

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Every day, readers like you proudly share photos of their everyday carry on the site.

Not only is looking through their pockets this way super interesting, but it's also a great way to find really cool gear you never even knew existed (yet somehow, suddenly need…).

When you hover over an item you like and click on it in these photos, you're also letting other EDCers know you find that gear interesting. Each click gets recorded to create a data-driven ranking of the most popular gear, which you can find in our Gear section of the site found in the top menu bar.

Gear with the most views and clicks climbs its way to the top of this feed and lets the EDC community know what's trending right this second.

Last month, you were interested in a variety of watches, knives, wallets, and quite a few fidget spinners. Let's check them all out.

The Best EDC Gear from May 2017

10. Casio G-SHOCK G100BB-1A

First on the list for last month's most popular gear is a watch from a line that should be familiar to all EDCers. This G-SHOCK from Casio's Black Out series features a monochrome analog face, case, and resin band paired with a negative LCD digital readout to complete the murdered-out look. The legendary G-SHOCK water and impact resistance is present, of course, along with EL backlighting, analog and 12/24-hour digital time, a stopwatch, and a daily alarm.

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9. The Enforcer Minimalist Wallet

This popular wallet from last month takes the rugged features of tactical packs and compacts them into a minimalist wallet. Made from mil-spec nylon and elastic webbing, the Enforcer holds 12-15 cards and folded cash in its slots or with its rear elastic band. A hook-and-loop- patch secures the wallet's inner contents, and a 2” x 3” loop section on the back lets you customize it with a morale or flag patch. It even comes with a pen slot so you can EDC a bullet pen or similar writing tool. The Enforcer is tough, has a low footprint, and comes in 6 colors to match any carry.


8. Victorinox Day Packer

While Victorinox's larger tools are more robust and brimming with tools, there's something to be said about their more minimalist offerings, like the Day Packer that comes in at #8 on last month's most popular gear. The Day Packer is a single-function Swiss Army Knife featuring a 2.75” clip-point blade and 4” lightweight nylon handle. The blade length and shape gives it utility while letting it play nice with local knife laws, and the large handle gives it better grip even with large hands. It's a simple, lightweight package that comes in a variety of colors for an easy addition and match to any EDC.

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7. Urban Organizer Mini

EDC caddies are an excellent way to consolidate your carry, and last month you all particularly liked the Urban Organizer Mini from Urban EDC Supply. This handcrafted, saddle-stitched, Dublin leather caddy made it easy to carry some of your favorite tools like a Space Pen and Swiss Army Knife, keeping them secure in your pocket instead of loose or dangling askew. You just need to grab the Urban Organizer Mini and you're set for the day with your cards and EDC essentials.


6. Flyaway Mini Maelstrom Spinner

We get it, fidget spinners are all the rage these days, but the 6th most popular item from last month isn't the plastic tri-armed affair you see everywhere. The Mini Maelstrom comes with the construction and materials befitting its premium price tag, including custom-machined brass and stainless steel and some chemical wizardry involving shrinking with liquid nitrogen. An r188zz abec 7 hybrid ceramic bearing is responsible for the Mini Maelstrom's flight, surrounded by wings that require no adhesive, screws, or welds to be held in place. If you're looking to step up your spinner game, look no further.


5. Seiko SKX173

You can't go wrong investing in a rugged dive watch, with Seiko leading the charge with dozens of models for every type of preference, use, and price. This popular watch from last month pairs a 200M water-resistant automatic movement with a polyurethane band for solid performance both in and out of the water. It's also got a unidirectional gear-edge bezel with luminous hands and indices for visibility underwater and a day/date window for easy everyday timekeeping. Finally, its synthetic band features a buckle closure for ease of adjustment and comfort during daily wear.

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4. Kershaw 1920 Select Fire Multi-tool

You probably recognize Kershaw best for their inexpensive, high-performance knives, but last month you all pushed up one of their lesser-known multi-tools to #4 on this list. The Select Fire combines a one-handed opening knife with a bit driver and holder in its handles, giving you efficient, multi-functional performance for your everyday carry. The 3.4” 8CR13MoV stainless steel blade comes in a versatile drop point and deploys with a thumbstud, while its glass-filled nylon handles store a liner lock, ruled bit driver, and swing-out bit holder with 4 included bits. It's a great knife to carry if you don't want to be burdened by functions you won't use in larger multi-tools.

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3. Katsu Damascus Higo

The third most popular item in May combines a popular Japanese knife style with modern conveniences and construction. The KATSU Damascus Higo's blade comes with the one-handed opening lever you may recognize from higo no kami friction folders, but secures instead with liner locks in its snakewood bolster and handles. Both blade and bolster come in an attractive Damascus pattern, with a leather pouch and cloth bag giving you options for EDC.

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2. Citizen BM8180-03E Eco-Drive

Citizen's Eco-Drive technology gives both performance and convenience in one package, with the BM8180-03E making use of a classic military design to house it in. It's water-resistant for up to 100M, making it versatile enough for both daily wear and casual swimming use. The BM8180-03E's quartz movement charges with natural or indoor light so you don't have to worry about losing power, while a clean face, day/date window, and luminous hands and markers add to its daily driver capabilities.

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1. Apsung Copper Spinner

And last month's most popular item—to the surprise of few—is a fidget spinner. Like the Flyaway Mini Maelstrom above, the Apsung Copper spinner isn't your common plastic toy, and instead comes in smooth, machined copper. Not only does it give the spinner a more premium appearance compared to its peers, but will also customize its patina to its owner when used over time. A removable, ceramic bearing makes the spinner easy to dismantle and maintain, with a box and 80g weight making it convenient to carry.

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If you're curious to see how these trends change over time, check out our monthly roundups from the archive for even more excellent gear.

See anything in this list that made you stop scrolling and think, "I need one…right now"? Leave a comment and let me know your favorite gear from this round-up.

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Gerald Wry ·
Fidget spinners.

I thought this was a site for adults.
Michael Karr ·
Thought the same thing.
International Man Of Myst ·
I agree - I don't see the fascination with them at all...
Nightwatch ·
Take a look at quite a lot of the EDC collections featured, spinners are present. Besides, fidgeting is a proven means of burning calories ;)
weehawk ·
I mean I have Aspergers and I love that fidget toys are coming into the mainstream because I am going to fidget one way or another. I personally am more excited by the Fidget Cube but to each their own.
Scott Johnson ·
I've I ever buy one of those because I've developed a psychological issue, at least more so then I currently have, it's time to end it. LOL
Lucca DeBiaso ·
STOP promoting fidget spimmers for this community we already look weird this is extra
Scott Johnson ·
I'm waiting for the saturated marketplace to start off-loading these spinners at rock bottom prices. Maybe I can find a DIY use for them at 50 cents each.
Staten Young ·
This site used to give more practical reviews and options for true EDC. Now it's all about high end (mainly because it's picked up sponsors and they get free stuff we have to actually pay for) options. I'm 31 years old, and not on social media. I guess that's why I don't understand spinners. Also, I'm an adult... I guess I need to find another site for EDC, public service, and tactical users.
Scott Johnson ·
Lots of EDC stuff on youtube. Not all of it high end. Most of the EDC videos are from Preppers who would rather save their money for guns, knives and other preps.
EDCLogan ·
It blows my mind seeing these grown men that are so insecure in themselves they have to lose their mind about something as trivial as a spinner. Grow up and man up, seriously. I get where youre coming from because I used to think the same thing but man, some little things have their place. I have always had an issue with chewing my nails and one of the best things that helped me break the habit were things like spinners. Something to get my hands distracted. It was always little pocket toys or something small I can fiddle with, even pens. (For gods sakes, a lot of people put the beloved bolt action pen on the same "fidgety" level as a spinner.) If it wasnt that it was a Rubiks cube or a spinner or a pocket puzzle. It really doesnt matter in the long run enough for you to get so angry about it. Tons of people carry a spinner or things like that every single day, hence 'every day carry'. If you carry it with you every day, then it can be part of your pocket dump.
Kentrik ·
All the people butthurt about the nice precision spinners clearly either:
1. Don't have ADHD or another condition where a fidget spinner can actually improve your focus, or
2. Don't have any appreciation for fine metalworking and precision machining.
EDCLogan ·
I agree. Not to mention, it is such a silly thing to get mad over. Its so immature. It shows insecurity. Especially people like Scott and Gerald in this thread. Its really not that big of a deal, stop making it so.
Scott Johnson ·
Fidget Spinners make as much since as carrying 8 items and 3 are blades.
John Wallace ·
i think of that every time i see peoples "pocket dumps" carrying 3+ blades as everyday carry
Kentrik ·
I understand the sentiment, but disagree. 3 might be excessive, but I definitely appreciate the mantra "2 is 1, 1 is none". But then, I EDC one blade for utility, and a different one for defense.
Omega ·
The spinners have taken the world by storm. I first caught on when my little sister was pressuring for one. Saying every one had it. And I honestly could say it's true. Not the most useful gadget
Scott Johnson ·
Not the slightest bit true. I know no one with one and I've never seen anyone even buying one.
Omega ·
Mate, that just goes to show that your place is different then mine. so yeah i say true
Scott Johnson ·
You claim everyone has a fidget spinner. I don't have one, no one I know has one. Your assumption is false.
J.S. Leonard ·
I know I'm lucky to do what I do and make the income I do, but....Even when I didn't have really any income to spare aka play money I still saved up for the high-end more expensive items I wanted. I've stated this because I just don't under stand the infatuation with cheap crappy knives. I know I'm coming off as a snob but that isn't my intention. Kershaw to include ZT and CRKT are two prime examples. Why waste $20-$45 on cheap junk knives and $125-$300 for mass produced less than BM quality for a ZT when there are much much much better knives within the same price point and some are Mid-Techs and Customs. I just don't get it???

Now....SAK doesn't fall into the cheap crappy category as they are not either. Well, most aren't.
Anthony ·
As much as I like my Enforcer wallet, it tends to get pretty thick pretty quick even with 5-6 cards but I think that is Mostly because of the understandable and appreciated over built quality. Makes for a great front shirt pocket wallet tho.
Rickon64 ·
When I was a kid I saw a "pet-rock" It looks like it has come back in a different form...
Nick ·
If that's an indication of age, the equivalent would be a yo-yo.
Rickon64 ·
Well at least a yo-yo provides more of useful dexterity.