Victorinox Pioneer Nespresso Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox Pioneer Nespresso Swiss Army Knife

"Wonder where those Nespresso pods you send off for recycling end up? A few got repurposed as part of the Victorinox Pioneer Nespresso Swiss Army Knife. Uniquely, the bronze-colored scales of the knife are made of aluminum recycled from 24 of the coffee pods, bearing a Nespresso badge on the flip side of the Victorinox logo, as well as a stamp on the base of its blade to constantly remind you. Besides the latter, the knife also bears all the same features as the classic pioneer, also including a reamer and..." (via GearHungry)

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I am a Victorinox fan, and a Nespresso addict. So naturally, I had to jump on this! I also bought the 2016 one, which was purple (same as the Arpeggio capsules). Not cheap, and made in very, very limited numbers so jump on it now if you want this. The color in real life is beautiful!