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Your wallet and keys are two of the most useful items in your EDC, so why not kill two birds with one stone and combine the two? That’s what the design company IPPINKA hopes to accomplish with their new Kickstarter project, the MKC Wallet. It's half minimalist wallet and half key organizer so you can ditch your loud, jingling keychain and your bulky wallet in one fell swoop.

The MKC Wallet was made with two main purposes in mind: organization and accessibility for your MKC (that's money, keys, and cards). As a wallet it gets the job done with two separate slots so you can keep your most used cards and even some cash neatly stashed inside. Meanwhile keys and keyfobs fit comfortably in the deep key pocket. The pivoting posts on either side are secured with adjustable bolts so you can fine tune how tightly your keys stay in place.

Though it aims to do two things at once, the MKC Wallet is fairly minimal. With a clever design and a quality full-grain leather build, you can have more of your essentials with you while carrying less. You can also configure the wallet to include a leather flap with button clasp on the back side to keep everything extra secure. Lastly, additional options include a bottle opener or USB flash drive that’ll sit next to your keys for even more functionality.

There are plenty of ways to carry cash and keys, but there aren't as many options to combine the two. Learn more about the MKC Wallet and how to back one for your EDC at the Kickstarter link below.

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Omega ·
Interesting concept to put in design. But just thinking about it, would it be the smartest option to place two very important items together? In the sight of theft wouldn't it be a little risky not to separate the two? Just a thought
Bas ·
I agree, this is not a good concept IMHO
Jeywalk ·
You can use a tracker like Tile with the wallet
Matthew ·
I was ready to support until I realized they are missing a car key solution.
White Knight ·
Car keys tend to be fat lumps, and I'm still looking too.
Wallet therefore would not be too minimalist.
Also, like folk have said, losing money, cards, house (and car) key in one fell swoop would pretty much ruin your day.
Anthony ·
As any one whose ever lost a wallet can attest, I'm sure the thought of losing both your keys and wallet in one swoop is reason enough not to buy
Billy ·
Keys and wallet don't mix! But will still check em out
White Knight ·
Concept is a little different, so good for them.
Being in Europe, I need a wallet that will store £20 notes folded once.
Minimum size of wallet is therefore approx 10cm x 8cm.
I'm on it.
It's an interesting design, but by losing your wallet along with keys, a person can identify the keys' owner and exploit them. Example, using your driver's license or a bank card, someone can easily identify your residence and use the house key to break in.

No thanks.
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