A Barber's EDC

Sean Merritt
Barber (age 44)
Kent, Ohio
An example of my typical EDC, not pictured is my Glock 19, which I carry in an AIWB Raven Concealment Eidolon holster. I feel that every tool pictured is a necessity, especially the flashlight, folder and multi tool. Always be prepared, it could save your life or someone you care about. Don't learn the hard way and don't buy cheap stuff, spend on quality tools, you'll be thankful for the length of tool-life and for performance.

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Jasper ·
Nice EDC. I like knives too and understand and respect a persons decision to carry one knife or many. The right to bear arms includes knives as "arms" does not just refer to firearms. Keep Calm and Carry On.
American Flag ·
Nothing to do with the constitution. Simple remark about practicality and necessity.
Had a sap when I was a bouncer, many, many years ago. I cut notches in the handle signifying each time I used it on someone (seven notches, I never actually hit anybody with it).


-nice kit, +1
Chris ·
a leather sap and a neck knife? are you in a bad neighborhood or are you just learning to cut hair and trying to keep the complaints managable?
American Flag ·
"Every tool pictured is a necessity": 3 knives + 1 multitool???
John M Smith ·
only 3 knives ?
Chris ·
5, the multitool has 2 i believe a PE and SE
TexEx ·
what knife is in the pocket caddy?
Sean Merritt ·
Kershaw Leek