Photographer (age 37)
All pocket carry other than the pipe which has its own pouch with all the usual accessories.

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Dig'n it! Love the Pete!!! They are IMHO the best smoking.
Awesome! Is the pocket watch quite easy to carry around?
Yup, clips onto my belt loop then sits in my right front pocket with plenty chain to grab hold off to pull it out. I'm not a fan of wrist watches anymore for the work week. Annoys me working, annoys me typing and in general, annoying :) The pocket watch also allows me to check the time when I want to know the time rather than constantly seeing the time, being a slave to the time. That watch was an exceptional deal. Really cheap and lifetime warranty. Still saving for a Tissot pocket watch :)
Ok cool thinking of def getting one! Less distraction levels than even smartwatches haha
Heck yeah. I don't even carry a smartphone, gave mine away to a friend after 6 months of being a slave to it. We've got enough stress and pressure in our daily lives not to volunteer for constant reminders of it. I'm just lucky that I get to choose. I doubt most work places these days would be ok with it?