Architecture Student casual carry

Justin de Dios
Manila, Philippines
Besides my wallet not being in the photo, this is a rough example of what i carry on a daily basis.

I'm an architecture student based in Manila, Philippines.

Starting with a great mechanical automatic watch like the Seiko 5 with a large face and great legibility. A timepiece is a great alternative to having to rely on your smartphone at all times.
Next would be a good camera, Photos taken with a higher quality camera to your phone is always appreciated. The X100 offers great image quality in a decently weighted package [ also these things are popping up online at great prices ]. Lastly a good kit of Pen and Paper. Always essential, From writing ideas to sketching scenes. The Muji A5 dotted and a set of Micron Pigma 0.5 & 0.2 is always in my bag.

check out some of my photo / architecture work on instagram : @justindedios

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