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Maxpedition LPW (Low Profile Wallet)

Bernard Capulong
Maxpedition LPW (Low Profile Wallet)

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With something as simple as a minimalist wallet, it's hard to improve on a design without adding too many bells and whistles. Leave it to Maxpedition to take their crowd-favorite Micro Wallet and make it even better. The new LPW (Low Profile Wallet) improves upon its predecessor's already solid design with upgrades to the materials and pocket configuration. All that attention to the smallest details makes a significant impact, resulting in a thinner, more durable, and more usable everyday front pocket wallet.

To get the LPW slimmer and lighter, it's constructed with three different weights of ballistic nylon. The main exterior uses a 500D nylon with a hexagon-shaped pattern designed to stop any rips and holes from getting bigger. The interior uses a lighter, more pliable 420D plain weave nylon. Lastly, the outer edges of the wallet are reinforced with heavy duty 1000D nylon. You get all the water- and abrasion resistance you'd expect from nylon, while a treatment of Teflon keeps grime and oils away.

The LPW's standout feature (and most convenient one) is its enlarged ID window. It's sized to clearly display your credentials without fabric obscuring any part of the card, making flashing your ID easier than ever. On the other side, there's two slots that fit 3-4 cards each. Behind that, you can stash half-folded cash or any other loose essentials in an enlarged slip pocket. Its placement on the inside of the wallet (compared to the Micro Wallet's exterior slot) makes it a safer bet for securing the important stuff.

As part of Maxpedition's Advance Gear Research line, it's only fitting that the wallet gets a low-profile makeover. Gone are the contrast stitches and not-so-subtle branding from the Micro Wallet. Instead, everything from the embroidered outer logo to the bar tack reinforcements and double-stitching is tonal. The LPW comes in neutral tones to match the rest of your tactical gear, like black, khaki, and grey, which you can grab at the link below.

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J.S. Leonard ·
Well looks like I've found my new travel wallet.
Brett ·
How would you compare it to the slimfold micro?
Bernard Capulong ·
The Slimfold has nicer/higher performance material (more water and abrasion resistant) and made in USA construction. But it's also about 3x the price. The layout is totally different too, it's more of a traditional horizontally-opening bifold with billfold section. LPW will be a good option for a minimalist on a budget, if you want something thin and tend to use cash frequently + you have the coin to spend, you might like the Slimfold more. With the LPW it's more appropriate to compare to the older Maxpedition as they're about the same price retail.