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Victorinox Spartan PS

Victorinox Spartan PS

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When you think of Swiss Army Knives, their red, blue, or silver multi-toools are what usually comes to mind. While they handily get the job done, they probably aren't your go-to if you're after a murdered-out, all-black-everything EDC. Thanks to a new process—Polispectral (PS) coloring—that gives a covert coating to a high-utility multi-tool, Victorinox brings their popular Spartan multi-tool back into the fray by keeping it distinctly low-profile.

Polispectral coating gives the Spartan PS's tools a unique, shimmering look that changes depending on how the light hits them. This creates a shifting color range from dark gray to anthracite, giving the Spartan an exotic look to match the rest of your stealthy gear. By itself, the Spartan's a capable tool with 13 functions within its medium-sized frame, including 2 blades, drivers, openers, and the usual pair of slots for a toothpick and tweezers. As a new addition, the Spartan PS comes with a branded lanyard that helps with retrieval during pocket carry, making it easier than ever to carry a Swiss Army Knife in your EDC.

Shining, shimmering, splendid—the Spartan is back in black to get the job done. Pick one up at the link below.

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Still no love for the tinker. Easily my favorite, mostly because I work in IT and haveing a Phillips screwdriver is handy. First, no alox, so here's hoping they get around to doing this for the tinker.
Looks great in person, the coloring process generates a shimmering effect.
Hit send too soon.
The effect is really hard to capture on pictures or video.
I'd get it, but it's too rich for my wallet. I'll stick to my Gerber Dime in the mean time...
The good thing about the climber is that it has scissors, which are handy for cutting moleskin, if you're like me and blister easily... when I used to run 5 miles a day and backpack and mountain climb, blisters were a daily occurrence. So moleskin was something I always had on me somewhere
Scissors are a must. And Phillips screwdriver. And I really want this with tweezers and Alex scales. How hard is that??
Ugh. ALOX. Not Alex. Smh, autocorrect.