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Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Pack

Adam Molina
Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Pack

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Most commuter backpacks are built just tough enough to stand up to your average daily grind. But the Mystery Ranch Urban Assault Pack takes that tolerance for wear and tear a huge leap further. They've imparted the same focus on ergonomics and durability that go into their line of American-made tactical packs used by the military and police alike into a street-ready daypack for civilian EDC.

The build and design of the Urban Assault Pack go hand in hand, making it a tough bag that will protect your essentials while giving you easy access to them. It takes its design cues from military assault packs and minimally designed commuter backpacks, resulting in a sleek and practical bag that won’t look out of place in the office or on a hike.

Thanks to the convenient 3-ZIP design you can either lie the bag flat or reach in from the top to retrieve your gear, depending on what you’re carrying. In the main compartment you’ll get a 15” laptop sleeve as well as three zippered pockets for smaller accessories like charging cables or pens, while the top of the bag has a single zippered stuff pocket with a secure clip for your keys. Last but not least, its use of tough yet supple 500D Cordura nylon throughout offers some added protection when the weather turns.

As far as commuter bags go the Urban Assault pack checks all the boxes. It’s lightweight, durable, and combines military functionality with modern design. If you want a better way to carry your gear click the link below to snatch one of these.


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J.S. Leonard ·
Is it just me or has Mystery Ranch dropped the ball as of late. They still produce great gear, but not as great as they use to make. The older bags felt almost custom made and impossible to destroy/wear out. I suppose it's down to their growing popularity that manufacturing has had to speed up and the "Custom Made" feel is gone. Now all that being said, I still would buy MR products. I'm a firm believer in buying quality regardless of cost. Buy once cry once. And being an avid EDC'er (Firearms, Knives, Watches, Bags, Packs, Pens, Notebooks and all that encompasses our addiction) I seem to cry ALOT!
Carl N ·
On the first picture, what's the name of the color?
Mohammed M ·
Is there some sort of design element which prevents the bottom zip being opened whilst on your back by somebody behind you?
J.S. Leonard ·
Yes,.of sorts. The bottom is zipped first, then the top two are zipped closed over the bottom zip pull. So the only way to effectively open the assault pack is to unzip the top and then unzip the bottom.