Summer Light Carry

Toronto, Canada
Long time lurker and finally decided to register and share a little bit.

I have little ones with me quite a bit and pocket space becomes a premium. That's why most of my gear is generally pretty small.

From a design and environmental perspective, I am a huge fan of the design principle wabi-sabi where we try to appreciate the beauty of things imperfect. Hence the DIY wedding band, brass Kaweco and urushi lacquer on the inden-ya wallet. Also, this lets me buy once and use them up as much as possible. Hopefully, they hold up well enough where they become more beautiful over time from everyday use. My only regret is that I was too drawn to the bubinga version of of the Opinel where the blade only comes in stainless steel. I would have really enjoyed the patina of the carbon version.

For quite sometime, I was carrying only the 3 items on the left hand side of the pic. The Thrunite, Micra and Opinel was added as a result of frequent visits here. In Canada, I don't think too many people carry MTs, lights and pocket knives. Surprisingly, these tools have been invaluable with the little ones; from cutting up ramen, slicing fruit and crawling on all fours looking for runaway LEGO pieces underneath the couch.

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Has been a long time since the post was done, but I find quite intresting the concept of Wabi- Sabi and I'll be looking for information about it, thanks for show something new for me.
Hi where did you get the Mille Epi Co. Cordura Key Case? It looks a useful way to carry a torch and multi tool.
Hi Mohammed, I bought it when I was traveling in Japan. I saw them at various locations of InCube and Loft. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to find if you're located elsewhere.

I think the original intent is to protect car fobs. You may have better luck if you did a search for "vehicle smart key holder".