Keeping it cool

Toronto, Canada
Keeping it cool with a folding fan on this Civic Holiday Long Weekend.

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Sweet fan! I was gifted a fan for being the best man in a friend's wedding. I wish I had more details on it, but it's nice (to me). Do you have any more details on your fan? Is there any story that goes along with it? When do you use it? I've always kicked around the idea of edcing one. Thanks!
Hi JJ. When I was in Kyoto, Japan a few years ago, I was looking for something traditional with history and the Miyawaki fan fits the bill perfectly. It actually opens up almost all black with subtle thin red lines that's more obvious when closed. The red lines are done with urushi, a hard lacquer process that's usually found on samurai armor from the old times. I am hoping that this can become an heirloom piece if it holds up.

I edc it in the summer months. Comes in handy on the commute and the kiddies appreciate it when they are strapped in the baby carrier. It's great to have on a hot or humid day, almost meditative when fanning slowly (keeping cool not just physically but from a zen perspective).

One last thing, I am not sure how they treated the wood and bamboo but there is a subtle aroma or scent that reminds me of Kyoto. Thanks for dropping by JJ.
Jared ·
That's Victorianox Sprint C looks so awesome!
Hi Jared, I really enjoy using it. When I first got it, I thought it was a little bulky but that was soon forgotten once I grew accustomed to it's utility. You may have read on other Spirit X users reviews, it's a very elegant tool in person that's also very satisfying to use, especially how all the tools lock into place and that "click" when folding up the pliers after use.
Cooler than cool it's ICE cold!! Love that pen and knife!
Nickolas Naoumis ·
Very cool love the fan, and its origin. Just wondering what the brand name of the Inden-Ya Snake Design Cardholder is?
INDEN-YA (印傳屋) is the actual brand name. It's also from Japan. Beware of knock offs if you're considering buying online.
I'd love to see it opened.
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