Karst Stone Paper Notebooks


"Karst Stone Paper makes notebooks without using wood pulp, water, bleach, or acid. Instead, they recycle stones from mining wastes to create paper that’s waterproof, tear-resistant and..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Great EDC! A carbon fiber aluminum wallet is so great!
Ok, just two things.

One - Stone paper is not something new. We know how to do it from a long time (military notebook) and if no one sell it as a green product since this compagny it's because stone powder don't keep their integrity by miracle. So they use plastic with stone powder. So yeah, it's not a green product and pollute probably more than normal paper.

Two - They launch they're product by a kickstater campaign with a different name (i know cause i pledge and receave Karst advertising now). Guess what ? Hundred of client upset of the lame quality of theyr product.

No information, no refund, no quality. That's just a real bad product made by real bad people.