Karst Stone Paper Notebooks

Karst Stone Paper Notebooks

"Karst Stone Paper makes notebooks without using wood pulp, water, bleach, or acid. Instead, they recycle stones from mining wastes to create paper that’s waterproof, tear-resistant and..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Ok, just two things.

One - Stone paper is not something new. We know how to do it from a long time (military notebook) and if no one sell it as a green product since this compagny it's because stone powder don't keep their integrity by miracle. So they use plastic with stone powder. So yeah, it's not a green product and pollute probably more than normal paper.

Two - They launch they're product by a kickstater campaign with a different name (i know cause i pledge and receave Karst advertising now). Guess what ? Hundred of client upset of the lame quality of theyr product.

No information, no refund, no quality. That's just a real bad product made by real bad people.
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