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Saint Paul, Minnesota
Let’s face it, we all have a few selections when it comes to our daily carry. On the weekend, I’m able to move with a bit more weight and can transport a larger blade. That’s when the Benchmade comes in perfect. My family relies on me to be the on-hand blade and ink supply. In fact, if I’m ever without a knife I’m usually rebuked for not fulfilling my duty. The Griptilian pairs nicely with the solid brass of the Embassy Pen. Shifting to workdays, I’m in an office and can carry lighter. A nice small blade opens everything I encounter daily while maintaining a low profile. The Render K in copper is the best holster for Pilot G 2 ink that I’ve found. I use the Hunter Green ink to give a bit more distinction to my signature.

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Mike ·
Very nice setup, simple and effective. One word of advice about the Country Comm Embassy pen, don't ever loose the cap. I lost one from a stainless steel pen and contacted Country Comm about getting a replacement. I was even willing to pay the cost of the part & shipping. The last email from them said "we'll get back to you." That was in January and now the pen sets in a drawer collecting dust.
Dutch ·
Good advice!
Shonny T ·
I'm a simple person.I see a NiteIze DooHicKey, I upvote.