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This is version 2.0 which is stripped down to items which are used almost daily. The real workhorse are the apps on the iPhone 6s Plus which covers transport, entertainment, banking, transport. Dumped keys by using finger sensor door locks; discount and membership cards scanned and stored with Mypics app; cash by WeChat app wallet. Consumables can be bought at most convenience stores here though mobile payments.
Some books which inspired this EDC dump were Spark Joy, 100 things challenge, The More of Less.

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in my pocket that C-note would be wrapped around singles ;)
Just thinking the same thing. I won't wrap or fold bills for that reason at all though. Too much hassle if you ever need it you have to break it down in front of everyone and the cashier just stares at you... waiting...
That's a 100 Tughrik note. 1 USD = 2400 Tughrik. If you are lucky someone may give you a cigarette for it. The biggest note in China is the 100 yuan note which is worth about 15USD.
cool. still, rolling the moneys is probably not a good idea.
coolest battery case ever. But I hope you never need to use cash because that would be a pain in the ass to get out in a store without flashing your heaviest bill then unraveling it in front of everyone. Given that is situation oriented, but I never have my bills rolled or folded for that reason.

But good choice in watches for the basics.
I am really digging that cassette tape looking back-up battery!