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Nathan sanchez
Los Angeles
as many of you edc addicts can probably tell by looking at my dump is there is a lot of small business product up there. The world of craftsman the internet and social media have opened up is incredible. High quality products by people like us, edc addicts. Products to carry by people who carry. Every product I carry I try and find a small biz equivalent that suits me because its a constant reminder of what is possible with hard work and dedication. It represents the tenacity of a person with a vision. It proves you don't need the best top of the line equipment to start making great things, you just need a drive. When I started I worked out of my kitchen in a studio apartment ( in los angeles so you know it was tiny). I had zero power tools and zero background in metal work.Now I have a garage shop I am quickly outgrowing and an arsenal of equipment. I carry for function. everything I own I use and has proven to be the most useful for me. But, I also carry as a reminder of the possibilities and the doors that could be opened with dedication.

1 - my version is the Aluminum black coated HBW3.0 picked up at blade show 2017. has been in my pockets everyday with all sorts of abrasive items, keys, knurled pens, change, knives, ect and the black has zero abrasions. in fact the coating gets transfer from copper, brass, aluminum from rubbing ! and it simply wipes away. performance is exactly what you expect from Hell Bent. its comfortable in my pocket ( i front carry) slacks, jeans, suit pockets you name it its comfortable. so light I hardly know its there. best of all its not your run of the mill boring wallet.

2-Mine is Titanium and has served me well for over 2 years (or close maybe over ! i forget). i have dropped it many times and it still looks and works amazingly. Its small but packs a lot of power. its come in handy more times than I can count. only gripes are the switch will be accidentally turned on in almost anything, but this is easily solved by sliding the clip directly over the button, like a safety bar. also on high it can get pretty warm, which im sure its normal but keep that in mind if you are looking at this light. overall I love this light and Id buy it again in a heart beat

3- The Veloz is another ferrum forge masterpiece. all titanium body and hardware, 20cv steel, flipper frame lock with hoback rolling detent and lock bar insert/stabilizer .The knife carry's well and performs amazingly. add on top of that the Forge brothers are amazing people and have a plethora of knowledge in both knife making and metallurgy. action is smooth, authoritative.

4- I am not big on pens (Unless fountain) but I do like having interesting pens. The karas Kustom pen is a great way to incorporate something cool in an everyday pen. Ive had this bolt since they started making them, as in its from the first batch. its served me well this whole time and I love using it. its feels great in the hand, nothing rattles, the bolt action works perfectly. gripes include the clip was useless, it kept loosing tension and wouldn't hold its shape even when bent to add tension. the top "button" unit and the body would constantly come loose to the point the barre separated in my pocket and the button would come off. I even lost the button for several weeks a few times. however a little loctite and the issue has been completely fixed (going on a year now) remember I have a batch 1 so these things may have been fixed by now. I would still buy this pen again

5- ive had this pencil for several years back when I took manual drafting courses. its a great pencil. feels great and I have had zero issues in the many years I have had it. the best part is the lead tube retracts. that means you don't get stabbed in the leg carrying it and the possibility of damaging the tube and rendering the pencil useless is virtually eliminated. I like this pencil so much I have 8 that I leave at home, office, backpack, pockets, shop and other places so I always have it in-case a design idea strikes me or I need to mark something.

6- I am the creator/maker of this tool so keep that in mind for this "review". This pocket tool is made of Titanium. sports a bottle opener, pry head, duel ended bit, 1.5 inch ruler, 22 mm ruler, 1/4 hex hole, tweezers and this particular one has something I call the "better than nothing edge" which is a a semi sharpened wedge for things like scoring or opening boxes. for me it its the perfect multi tool, hence why I wanted to make it. its small, light and jam packed with features without the features hampering each other. everything works as it should and has yet to let me down. this is the very first working prototype and has been serving me for over a year. tweezers are a often time overlooked edc item, I use them so much. especial when making more ! all the metal slivers and splinters are no match for them. they mate so precise I can pull out slivers I ant see with my eyes. the utility of this tool is almost endless. if I wrote down everything I use this for this section would be incredibly long. I can literally use this everyday. seriously check it out. ive sold many everyone loves it. Utility without joints or moving parts is a beautiful thing, you can use this in situations where you may cringe at the fact of needing to take down a different tool in order to clean it out after some time in mud or something. just a quick rinse and back in the pocket it goes. virtually no maintenance is required for the Enigma. something I really desired in a multi tool. now I have it.

7- Carl, ahhh Carl your favorite drinking buddy and another creation of mine. The one photographed is one in brass in a special milled pattern. He is a bottle opener, that's what he does. Just a quality made collectable bottle opener that makes a great conversation starter and is a ton of fun to photograph. Yeah you can use a generic $1 bottle opener...... but why would you when you can have the epicness that is carl in a bunch of Finishes and materials to suite your style. Carl is more than Bottle opener, he is a drinking buddy.

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Great Carry I could look at that knife all day also love your selfmade
Items especially the ENIGMA!
J.S. Leonard ·
Nice setup! Love Chaves and all his designs.