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Lord Stout ·
The Sigil MK6!!! I have the coper one and LOVE IT!!! Fav BIG EDC of all times.
I really wanted the carbon fiber scaled version, but the customs were way out of my price range. I was lucky enough to check out my friends custom and I ended up not liking the spring loaded, sunken clip as much as I thought I would. I was really happy when I found these mid-techs available with a nice, functional machined clip! I'm really loving mine too.
Lord Stout ·
Yes, thought the clip was very innovative in thought but the execution was not really practical. Glad to see it out there, I posted mine a few times... :)
I'm glad you guys like my carry. The Rambler mod has the Spyderco blade added, not replacing anything. All of the tools are acid stonewashed. The scales are lightning strike carbon fiber. I bought it from an ebay seller named mums_the_word.

Microtech is probably best known for their autos, but they alwsys made nice non-autos too. This is my 7th Microtech, I really like all of them
mementosis ·
w0w i like everything about this, esp the Rambler mod and the fact that your photo looks like a GIF. well done all around.

sidenote, i'm seeing more & more microtech folders - have they always made these? i had thought their knives were all OTF.
Ting So ·
Victorinox Rambler with spyderco blade is nice!
Tell us more about the Rambler mod!
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