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Been trying out a bunch of different keychains and finally picked up this Outlier one after reading about it in our magnetic keychain guide and couldn't be happier. Super easy access to my keys and also pretty secure. Also got my first SAK a few months back (i know right) and have been really impressed so it's replaced my TPT for now.

Wally Micro is still doing it for me and I'm loving the way it looks as it ages. Great little slim thing. The S1 Baton is still my favorite light because of its size and sick build quality, and I swapped out my old Machine Era pen for this Tactile Turn because it has a sturdy pocket clip and I'm tired of losing things I paid money for.

Google Pixel because it's the best phone of the year (@ me bro) and the headphones because they're easy to carry and sound great. I don't smoke but a lighter comes in handy more often than you'd think.

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Adv M3 - great EDC device. Used Shure SE215 and Westone UM10 Pro. This little gem is musically awesome.