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This is my EDC that I pretty much never leave home without. I can fit everything fairly easily in the pockets of whatever pants I'm wearing, but whenever I lose a little bit of weight I can definitely feel everything sort of pulling my pants down a bit unless my belt is tight enough. I really, really enjoy trying to keep my life minimalist, but also being prepared, so this is sort of the best balance I've found. The notebook, being a classic Moleskine and not a Cahier, sometimes lives in my backpack to avoid taking up valuable pocket space and creating extra weight.

Things will get swapped out sometimes depending on what I'm doing, for instance if I'm getting dressy or doing something else like going camping - if I'm dressing up, the CRKT Squid might get swapped for a gentleman's folder like the wood-handled SOG Twitch II that I have, or if I need something beefier for camping or whatever I'll take my Schrade SCH501S.

All in all, seems to work pretty well day-to-day. Thanks for looking!

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Do you like the Grafton pen? I've been testing one for a while and Im thinking of including it in a top 5 blog soon. What are your thougths?
I do! I put a Schmidt Easyflow 9000 in mine and it writes beautifully. The only thing is - and I'm SUPER picky with my writing tools so that's probably why this bothers me - the diameter of the pen tip opening is bigger than the diameter of the tip of the Easyflow refills. This means that the tip of the refill moves around a bit when I'm writing. I find that really annoying no matter what pen I'm using. But, I paid a decent amount for the pen and I really like it and the Easyflow refills, so instead of getting a new pen I just wrapped a tiny piece of tape around the tip of the refills to close that itsy bitsy gap. And it no longer wiggles! Kind of annoyed that I had to do that, but it's honestly the closest to a perfect pen I've ever personally used. Hope that helps, and sorry for the late response! I haven't logged on in awhile.
I use carbon fiber money clip wallet, recommend it!
Thanks, but I prefer leather bifolds! Both carbon fiber and money clips are not for me.
interested to know more about the school you go to
Cool, I'm not really interested in telling you personal information, though. :)